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Another Wednesday, still a sad day, somehow getting back to normal day to day business isn't so easy. In order to define this week's special, I truly have to focus pretty hard.

(very tough today to be honest)
- the sun is shining, a pretty April day, no rain
- a lot of support from friends coming over, I only can appreciate that and be thankful for their presence
- (a special one) only 1 more week away from my trip back to Romania, for Easter holidays (this made me really smile)

- on the road again, Estonia of course, 3 days
- sadness still present, especially after finding one un-read email from Heinz
- 2 nights without my husband arms to sleep in

I just found out that the wonderul puppy (Romeo) belonging to Desiree is gone, this was also so sad, he was so full of life, so adorable. I am truly feeling for you Des!



Hi Claudia. It must have been a shock finding that e-mail from Heinz. Sending you loving vibes from here in England and a big hug. Wasn't that sad about Desiree's puppy. I must go over now and post a comment to her. Take care.

Yes it was, very strange indeed This.
Happy birthday my dear friend! Hope you have a wonderful day!

May I suggest that you go out and jump around to get some excitement...

Sorry to hear that!! I just lost my grandfather, I know how upsetting it is!

Monique xx


I'll be sending warm thoughts your way

Just keep focusing on the positives and keep your head up high! I just received some bad news yesterday but remind myself that everything happens for a reason and it will all work out :)

<3 kris&kel

I truly hope you'll have some happy news soon, hubby back with you and a spring in your step again. Let me know when you're in Paris! xx

Grief and sadness will be with everyone at work and in his family for many days ahead. We need to grieve and miss the person who has gone. No one can hurry these feelings, but God can give us strength to bear them.

@Nyanzi - this is a very wise advice, I took a flight to Tallinn which gave me a new perspective on life, see my new post!
@Monique - I am sorry for your lost, this is even so more tragic as being a member of your family! I know how you feel, I did remember that quite vividly while writing my G entry.

I'm hoping your husband will be back soon so that will help cheer you up a bit; I'm sure the holidays ahead will be uplifting too; but I know it will take time for the sadness regarding Heinz' passing to not be raw.


@Babygirl - thank you for your support!
@Krisandkel - very true! Will focus I promise!
@Gawgus - will do for sure, it will be fun to meet :)
@Belle - thank you for being so sweet to me!
@Corgi - I am on a business trip this time and hubby await impatiently at home :)

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