How do you react

Posted by Claudia Moser on 10:11 AM
when a good colleague is suddenly gone?

Somehow I cannot manage to get myself running today. I came this morning, read an email with this sad news, did not believe it, went on and only after getting a phone call I could really grasp it. Heinz is gone, heart attack. His loss is quite tragic, on a personal and professional level. I cannot focus, I am constantly trying to hold on the tears which fill my eyes.

Sadness ... Everything else lost its importance, you just realise how important life is.



I'm very sorry, Claudia. It can be overwhelming to lose someone you see every day at work. This has happened to my daughter and it is hard. I will pray for his family and co-workers.

I am so sorry, Claudia. That is such sad news. May his family feel God's love & peace at this time. ((HUGS)) to you, as well.

So sorry that I'm late in commenting on your sad post Claudia. It must have been really upsetting for you. I will also pray for Heinz and his family at this sad time. Take care dear friend. When things like this happen, it certainly brings it home to you just how fragile life is, and we must appreciate all the beauty around us and try to make the most of each and every day.

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend and fellow worker. I think it is hard to carry on especially when the news is so fresh and the grief so raw. Remembering him and the good times shared at work, perhaps stories he told, things he shared, that type of thing helps and time, of course, but there will always be a bit of sadness as you remember him. Again, so sorry for his family's and friends' loss.


So sorry to hear this Claudia. It is very hard when you leave work one day and everything changes over night. It's so sad. That's why I always promote "Enjoy every minute, life is too short".

Thank you all, your words are truly appreciated. It was a very hard day and I am sure the ones to follow will also not be easy :(

Anonymous says:

Claudia, I am so sorry for your loss. Hope tomorrow is an easier day for you. Heinz and his family are in my prayers as are you.

MM the Queen of English

Oh, how awful Claudia. Such a shock to you all. Thinking of you and his family at this sad time :(

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