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This is today's word. Probably one which I don't like to use pretty often, I am actually easily persuaded to help, to do something for someone who has no desire / energy / skills / inpiration.

This extreme is also no good :)

This cartoon is great, right?

And to summarize :)



I used to have such a hard time saying "no" and people knew it too! For my own sake, I had to start using that dreaded work! ☺

@Laura - good that you managed to say No, I am still struggling at times!

Enjoyed the cartoons, Claudia! Sometimes we have to remember that we "can" say NO! :)

Love that last one.

@Becky - true, but hard to do :)
@Karen - great challenge and thank you for your comment!
@Tony - too kind :)

It's amazing how everyone participating in the A-Z Challenge comes up with something completely difference for each letter of the alphabet! It is really hard to learn to say 'no'. The cartoons were really cute.

great cartoons, and I am finally learning to say no myself!

Anonymous says:

I loved the cartoons, Claudia. I guess most of us have a hard time saying no. We all should practice using the word so that when we need it, we can say it.

MM the Queen of English

I think I should sa NO more. It seems as though Jilda and I spend a great deal of time helping with the projects of others while ours languish.
Good post.

@This - you are right, this challenge has made its participants so creative. It is fun for me to read as well :)
@Jilda - no is very very hard, especially if you are someone like yourself who helps gladly!
@Queen - the practice hint is a good one!
@Rick - yes but that makes your both great people!

great cartoons for no

Ha, ha! Great cartoons! It is super difficult to say no, but I'm learning fast :) Don't forget to let me know when you're in Paris... :)

@Baby girl - thank you :)
@Gawgus - well it's all set, 13 to 15 of May 2011, cannot wait :)

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