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4 more letters and another challenge comes to an end, and again a letter with a dedicated artist, Doris Day. Wasn't she simply lovely?

As for the instrument, drums seem a bit inappropiate for such a lady but still could not resist to share a Phil Collins solo



Gosh, Doris Day was such a HUGE star in her day and I saw many, many of her films back in the 60's. They were really funny at the time. Calamity Jane (much older film) is a real classic, in which she also starred. I'm so glad to be able to comment again!

What a lady indeed is Doris Day! Have a great weekend :)

I didn't know Doris but I did known Phil. Thanks for sharing these great picks! :)

<3 kris&kel

Doris Day was so pretty. My older brother who is 61 told me that he had a huge crush on her when he was a young teen. I love her movies, her voice and that she dedicated her life to saving animals.

@This - she was a huge star, love her movies :)
@Gawgus - you too, hope we will have good weather!
@Kris&Kel - I love this research!@Karen - oh how I would love to hear you all!
@Barb - that is cute of your brother!

I loved Que Sera when I was a kid. It was a huge hit. I went to all of Doris Day's movies too. My favorite was the one with Cary Grant. I think it was "That Touch of Mink".

Phil Collins is a man of many talents!

@Belle - my favourite is / was Pillow talk :)

Brings back so many memories as a teenager.
Thanks for posting:)

I hadn't seen a Doris Day film in ages. In fact, I had forgotten about her.


Anonymous says:

When I was a kid, I loved Doris Day movies! :O)

@Munir - gladly :)
@Joyce - well find a movie and start the nice walk on the memory lane!
@Elizabeth - :)

Two of my favorites...thanks!

I love Doris Day and I like Phil Collins, but never realized he played drums. I love your blog idea with the videos, though.

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