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Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (3 February 1809 – 4 November 1847) was a German composer, pianist, organist and conductor of the early Romantic period.

And to have a classical instrument along, I chose mandolin and one of Vivaldi's concert



Afraid I never acquired a liking for classical music. Going to my blog it is instantly plain that I prefer bluegrass. I mainly wanted to say thanks for stopping by like you do. I am just having fun and sharing stuff I think others will enjoy or can use. Hope you are having a great week.
Odie :)

I have always loved to listen to classical piano music, especially Chopin, but you are right, Mendelssohn is a very romantic composer.

Beautiful music. I espcially enjoyed the mandolin as I have never heard them with an orchestra.

@Odie - no harm done, not everyone has the same taste in music luckily!
@Diane - me too :) And you too!
@Belle - glad I shared something new!

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