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Mojo Writin' was kind enough to pass me the Versatile blogger award, so nice! Thank you so much.

The rules are pretty hard, first of all since I need to divulge ten things about me, and I need to focus a bit now, in order not to repeat the same as before :) :)

1. My mother and grandmother are coming to visit for 2 weeks, they are on the plane right now. We both are so excited. Hubby and I really hope they will have a great time with us!
2. I prepared one surprise tomorrow for them :) brunch at a fancy restaurant, fingers crossed! Hope all will be fine and they will enjoy the meals.
3. Despite having them here, and me actually supposed to be on holiday, I need to travel to Estonia tomorrow for an important meeting on Monday. Plus I need to work Tuesday and partially Wednesday! Not funny :(
4. I'm going to bake a cranberry and raspberry cake, yummy!
5. In the background an old series of the Ballroom dancing is playing. Love Brucey :)
6. I found a lovely blue necklace. I have colour stages in my life, currently I returned to blue, mainly jeans!
7. Bought lots of roses, each room of the house has some :)
8. Can't wait to start my first Alice Munro book, I got it today, yeah!
9. Love coffee, guess this is old news, but it's great to read or write with a nice cup :)
10. Tonight is football night! Barca vs United meaning a nice funny evening in front of the TV, funnily enough mom and granny as well as I, we are big football fans!

And now the hardest part, picking 15 bloggers to pass it on! Oh dear me, this is not so easy! The order is purely random!

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Thank you once more!



Thank you so much Claudia. How sweet of you. I'll get to it sometime over the weekend. Glad you liked my new look!

Well Claudia, what can I say?! Thank you my friend. The Awards seem to be doing the rounds again at the moment! So exciting that your mum and grandmother are actually on the plane right now!! I'm sure they will enjoy all the things you have planned for them, although I'm not so impressed that you have to attend an important meeting whilst you are supposed to be on holiday :(

@Barb - you deserve it :)
@This - I know it did the round but could not resist the temptation. And yes I know what you mean, I am not happy at all either!

It is wonderful to have family visit! I'm sure they will love the restuarant. Roses in every room! What a lovely touch.
It was great to learn more about you.

Congrats on the award! When I got it, I only needed to divulge seven facts and pass it to 10-15 bloggers. Someone has made this tougher.


Sounds like you are in for a crazy week! If there's any cheesecake left over... I'll find a home for it ;)

Well done on your latest award and on answering your questions so smartly! Hope you and your family have a wonderful time together...such a pity you weren't able to extricate yourself from all work obligations for their visit, but I'm sure you'll make the most of the time you do have to show them all the sights. You've certainly thought of everything to make them feel very welcome and spoilt!

And now, thank you for passing the award on to me...unfortunately, I'm going to be declining mine. I have chosen to be an award-free blog...I think I'll have to put a note up to that effect so everyone knows upfront ;) I know...I'm just a kingsized spoilsport :)

Congrats on the award, Claudia.
Enjoy the family visit!! And do enjoy the rest of the weekend too o xx o

Thanks so much for the award dear! Hope you have a splendid day! xx


Claudia - CONGRATS on this well deserved Award.

Your blog certainly is Versatile!

Enjoy the next two weeks with your mother and grandmother - I'm sure they will have the most wonderful time with you and your Hubby.


@Belle – it was great, they did enjoy the brunch experience. I’m happy we chose it!
@Joyce – someone did for sure! But still it’s fun right`
@Mojo – crazy week indeed but so happy to be with my family!
@Desiree – I understand and in the end you are my winner LOL
@Saskia – you too! Much fun ahead!
@Christie – welcome!
@Jenny – glad to have you back! Missed your comments!

What a nice surprise!! Thanks so much Claudia! I enjoy reading your blog very much and was delighted to see this :)

<3 kris&kel

@Kris & Kel - I am happy you found it :)

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