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While doing the April challenge, towards the end I was reflecting on how the posting will evolve afterwards and guess what? I found a new challenge :) This time it is linked with May and it is the backwards alphabet challenge. It made me think on how to approach this in a more creative way, in providing me an extra thrill, thus I decided to concentrate on music, this being a very important part of my life. I have never been very musical, my first real experience with music was in school when my teacher told me that 'God bless that the class has windows! They could be used in case the doors are closed since your colleagues need an exit while you sing'. That was a very hurtful statement and for a while I did not trust myself to sing much. But somehow music has always been there and in time I started to develop my interest, I listened to a large variety of artists and I let music be part of me. This is the reason why I would like to share with you a collection of my favourite artists and give you some interesting hints on known instruments and add some unusual ones. I hope you will enjoy my selection, for sure I will while researching for this challenge. Plus May and music go well together right? :)

First artist Z Z Top, my husband guessed it in blink of an eye!

And the instrument?


A short definition: the family name of all instruments which have strings stretched across a box. A popular instrument in central Europe composed of a flat sound box with about 30 to 40 strings stretched over it and played horizontally with the fingertips, a plectrum, or a bow, or set into vibration by the wind, as in the Aeolian harp.

A brief sample of the sound, pretty interesting!



My aunt had a zither and she let me play around with it when I was young. I like the sound.
That was cruel what your teacher said to you. I'm sure you have a lovely voice.

@Belle - how nice that you played it! I never had one :( And yes, sometimes a random statement may affect your whole life and to be honest I don't sing much, I listen!

Teachers could be SO cruel. That was a horrible thing to say to you. Wow! Good on you for starting right away on another challenge. What a good idea to have a theme running through this one. Thank you for the videos - I can see that you are going to have some fun with this one!!

What a heartless comment for a teacher to make! Admittedly, not everyone is born to sing for an audience, but we can all sing for ourselves!

@This & Desiree - let me put it like this, the scares will never go away and for sure I will never trust myself to sing in a choir. Nevertheless the pleasure of listening will survive :)

I had never heard of a zither. You learn something new everyday! Don't ever let anyone compromise what makes you happy. Singing is often a personal joy, and noone should excuse my language...shit on it. Sing away!

@Trinista - well glad I have brought something new in my post! In respect to singing this ain't that easy I'm afraid!

I had the pleasure of seeing ZZTop in CT in 2007. They were just as amazing as they were back in the 70's. What a show they gave and monologue was real good too. Just a little band from Texas!!!!

Looking forward to reading your targeted challenge posts during the next month.

It is cruel of a teacher to use their power to hurt those who are entrusted to them.

All voices are beautiful in God's ears. Anyone who said such a thing obviously only knew how to use God's name in vain.

@Barb - you are so luck! Wow!
@Mayzee - welcome and thank you!

Wow...ZZ Top and the zither...both very Southern...I feel right at home! ; >)

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