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Sarah Elisabeth managed to cheer me today, with a lovely award called the Sunshine award.

I am supposed to say a couple of things about me, so here it goes.

Staying in today, due to my headaches for sure, but also because we have an intense autumn weather. It actually rains cats and dogs, giving you a feeling that you should check which month actually is, June or November!!

While sick I always end up doing a Murder She Wrote marathon, since Mrs Fletcher always cheers me up.

I love orchids and if you would like to see some nice photos, just drop by at Desiree's blog, she is a master.

Recently I rediscovered navy blue as my favourite colour. It fits beuatifully with white and red, doesn't it?

As for me giving the award to other bloggers, here is my list of five sunshine fellows:

Brenda at Raised Eyes
Misha at Taking Charge of my Life
Diane at Southhamsdarling
Gil at Bright Blessings
Stephtee at Tacos and Toast

Thank you once more!



So glad you received a bright, sunshiny award to cheer you up today :) Thank you very much for mentioning my humble blog, too. I really appreciate your having thought it worthy of a mention...just wish I could pop round and give you one of my flowering orchid stems!

Appropriate award for you Claudia. You are always so upbeat. Congratulations.

Feel better soon, Claudia. Mrs Fletcher is sweet but I can only take so much of the dear lady. :-)

@Desiree - your pictures are worth admiring. Wish you could drop by, if you are ever in Germany just drop a line!
@Barb - I try to be upbeat!
@Trinista - Mrs Fletcher is the best for a cheer up :)

@Karen - today yes! Finally summer weather, thus happy moods!

Thank you, Claudia :) Made my morning, and I shall now pass it on to others to spread the sunshine *hugs*

I am happy Gil! :-)

Hi Claudia ~~ I just wanted you to know that I am having trouble commenting on my own blog!! I don't know what is going on with it. It's very frustrating, tho! I have to figure out how to fix it. -- But, to answer your question.... yes, we will still be within the 48 States. :)

@Becky - to quote from one fellow blogger: 'Having problems commenting on blogger? One of my regular blog friends caught a comment on my blog lamenting this problem. She said that when you sign in to your google account to comment, you have to UNCHECK the box to keep you signed in permanently. And it worked!!!! Yay!' OK, I will be thinking where :)

Hi Claudia. Hope your headaches are getting a little easier :( A new Award - the Sunshine Award. Yes, that really cheered me up this morning my friend. Thank you so much for thinking of me. Hugs to you.

You are welcome Diane! I had to since I know how much you missed the sun :)

Thank you for the award!!

Oh, and I LOVE 'Murder She Wrote'...one of my favorite shows EVER!! :)

@Stephtee - glad you liked it! And welcome to the club, love an afternoon with Jessica :)

omy GOSh thank you!! its so PRETTY!! full of bRiGHTness..JuST like YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wish i had some oxygen to give you..it takes headaches away; breathe in a paper bag (yah like hiccup remedy) 20 x's almost dizzy? ok now breathe in the fresh air. (also if you are not allergic to aspirin..don't take tylenol..good ole bayer or the like...thins the blood stat) xx0

clauda..if your headache is gone; can you teach me how to add peoples webpage without the httppeeppe sutff? just the name of their blogs?

thanks : )

@Brenda - glad you liked it, it is indeed pretty. At the moment feeling better! Send you a message about the links!

Congrats on your reward - very well deserved :) Hope you feel better soon but how nice having an excuse to watch the telly!

@Emma - a great excuse indeed but somehow you just want to allowed to be active again :)

Oh wow! Thank you so much! This is the first award to TCoML, so I'm so honored. I'll definitely pass it on on Monday.


@Misha - I am happy that you liked it! I will read your post on Monday!

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