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The pattern repeats itself, another Wednesday, another trip in Estonia, in Narva, where we are currently active business wise.

Somehow, being back to work after 2 weeks of holiday, life returned to its normal pace, and the enthusiam which I had having the whole family together fades away. Please don't understand me wrong, I am not unhappy or anything, it is just that the hype is not so pregnant anymore.

Anyway, I am supposed to write about my highs and lows. For sure the low is under the sign of work, after 12 hours today, I am allowed to be a bit low, at least with energy level right?

But on the bright side, the hotel does have a spa facility including a small pool, a sauna area and jacuzzi, and during afternoon meetings I was dreaming of the water and the calmness after 1 hour swim.

So the moment I got back into the room, I changed and went straight to the pool. Very refreshing, nice strokes, swim, delight! A definetly high! Then I rested a bit in the jacuzzi and had a wonderful picture in front of my eyes. A young mother with a son of no more than 18 months and a 3 year old daughter wandering around and trying to keep both children busy. They ended up at the jacuzzi, circling around and playing with water, drops falling into my face and children giggling. Such a nice picture, it gave me suddenly so much energy to see the children's delight marked on their faces! After one of these moments, the day can only be high.

Too bad I feel a cold lingering, but hey! tomorrow is another day!



I love to swim, but I don't get to go enough.
Jilda keeps after me to build us a swimming pool here, but I'd have to knock off a liquor store to get enough money to build one :)
Nice post.

Claudia you're so sweet! I would have been totally irritated by a bunch of kids in my jacuzzi space.

Glad you're making the most of your business trip!

Michelle ;)

12 hours is a long work day my friend. So pleased that you managed to relax a bit in the swimming pool. That was a blessing. Hopefully you will be going home again soon. Take care.

I love swimming and then relaxing in a Jacuzzi!

@Jim - me neither, I should do it more often as well. And to be honest I do understand Jilda, she wants you at home, not in a prison :)))
@Michelle - I love kids and they were really so innocent!
@Diane - a long day today too I'm afraid! Home tomorrow, can't wait!
@Belle - wish I had a jacuzzi at home :))

OH a jacuzzi would do so many wonders for all my pain. Maybe someday! Glad you enjoyed it. Good way to end a long day! Of course I'd have an ice cold Heineken while soaking!

@Barb - a drink to tag along sounds nice!

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