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This is how it actually looks outside, less snow though. I have to stay in, and as per husband's instructions, in bed. Nothing serious, just a cold which is a bit nagging. I am being pampered, watching winter sports and drinking tea. For sure I'd rather be outside talking a walk, but I am aware that my body needs a rest and I have to listen, right? So, happy Saturday, hope you my readers are doing what you've planned!



The best place to cure a cold in the early stages is tucked up snugly in bed while it's cold outside. Be a good patient and listen to your husband :) I hope you recover speedily.

Hey have some rest . It is not so much cold at a moment over here .

Enjoy your day of rest Claudia,
nothing nicer than watching tv, reading and being brought cups of hot tea!

It is raining heavily here in Ireland and so no lovely snow scenes and not too nice to walk in either!

Take care


@Desiree - he is enjoying this situation, he can boss me around :)
@izdiher - am doing my best to have the rest!
@Fiona - oh no, rain! I'm happy to watch the sun even from my bedroom window!

Anonymous says:

Hi Claudia, hope you will feel better soon. It's nice being pampered every now and then ^_^. Beautiful picture! Have a lovely day, well as good as you can. Big hugs


@Eva - thank you my dear, not so easy to only rest :)

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Let hubby pamper you back to wellness. You do need a rest. All that traveling catches up to you eventually. So enjoy the rest and feel better soon! Hugs.

@Darlene - thank you!
@Barb - I will him for sure, he is a sweet guy!

If you take away the cold, that sounds like fun!

It is always best to rest in bed when you are sick. Your hubby is a sweetheart.

I'm so jealous!


@hisgirl - actually you are right!
@Belle - he is indeed!
@Joyce - don't be, the cold is not so much fun!

Feel better soon, sweet Claudia.
Sending tons of healing vibes your way >>>> *****

@Saskia - many thanks my dear!

Good good husband.

I have an award for you. Please stop by to pick it up......

@Danneromero - thank you, very kind of you!

Your husband really is a keeper isn't he? Hope you're feeling better today :-)

@Sarah - no intention in letting him go :) yes, a bit better, tomorrow I will be in the office, or at least this is the plan!

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