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You know how the world wide web is? Almost infinite and from time to time you can simply get lost around its pages.

And look what I found here

Your life isn’t a great big failure if you’ve teeny areas of comfort: yes, to grow you sometimes have to do that which scares senseless, but some comfort zones you’ll need, as you prepare and launch for the big stretch.
You don’t need to make one big leap all at once out an imaginary zone. Push yourself everyday.
They don’t really exist, it’s all in your head. True.
Breathe, and give yourself permission to take it at your speed, get into the flow baby!
You always can stretch further than you may think, try it every now and then.
Know why you are stuck in a zone, change or reframe that first.
Minimise personal risk.

True? For sure! Curious what I will find by chance next time I'll just go searching around and being a busy body :)

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I think that the only time I am ever in a real comfort zone is when I am not comfortable. There are ever new challenges and things I find myself doing. Not all turn out as expected, but all provide me with further experiences which I can use in my subsequent writing.

Claudia you are my Guru :)

As they say--it is the stretching that prepares you for the race. Sometimes that stretching is painful--but it you can't expect to experience new things if you don't put your neck out there. Nice post Claudia :)

Cheers, Jenn

always choose to grow--great post

I tend to hunker down in my comfort zone and settle in. However, that is slowly changing and this was a good push! And wow - that photo is fabulous!

@Jeremy - I agree that challenges make us grow!
@Luan - very sweet of you!
@Jenn - yes, without trying no success!
@Karen - thank you!
@Lynn - growing is important no matter the direction

oh yes, Claudia, being a busy body helps keep a writer in tune :)

@Amy - I found the photo funny :))
@Linda - so true, I am curious by nature

So true! I think the Internet is where I can jump out of my comfort zone. I can research any topic in the click of a mouse and learn about something totally foreign and new if I want to! ~ Angela, Whole Foods Living, http://www.wholefoodsliving.blogspot.com/

Gah, just looking at that picture makes me cringe! But you're right, we gotta stretch ourselves, right?

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

@Angela - you are so right, www is an amazing place, but to be tasted with caution as well
@Sarah - sometimes we have to!

I recently left my comfort zone and had a great result! Will defo be doing it more often! Loved the post! ;-)

@Linda - good for you :)

I like my comfort zone, and although I hate to admit it...I always am terrified to move out of it. I stress about it, and then when I finally do it I wonder why I ever stressed.


@Kathy - very true what you say, if we take the leap of faith we realize that you could actually enjoy the new situation

Completing this Challenge will be pushing my comfort Zone!! he,he
Thanks for giving the Jigsaw a look see. I think the rest peaked at the answers before them!
Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

@Kathy - to be honest I am enjoying this so much ;)))

Must admit the older I get, the more I like to stay in my comfort zone! Think I was braver when i was younger than I am now!

@Paula - I became ready to assume risk more and more as I grew older, strange right?

Have a happy week, sweet Claudia, Guten Nacht fuer jetzt! xx

@Saskia - thank you my dear, same for you!

oh, god, if I only knew what my comfort zone and speed was -- with two young children and an ailing mom, I have no clue. but I find some comfort in thinking about it....at least considerinf it.

This year I have truly jumped out of my comfort zone with new technology in my classroom. I got a Promethean board and clicker response system. Although nervous about using this technology at first, I've jumped right in and am very comfortable now. I don't know how I ever taught without a Promethean Board. Now if I could figure out how to better use the iPad in the classroom.

Catch My Words

So true! I've been comfortable for a couple of years now and feel its time to make the jump again.

i believe that.. i don't always go those extra degrees, though....

Ah Claudia...I love you jumped into some new shoes in new colors! Good recommendation jumping out of our comfort zone. For me it's this A-Z challenge and finding the time, lol!
Many hugs~

I like my comfort zone. It's where I'm most... well... you know.

The Brew Newb

Anonymous says:

Funny picture! Yes, that's how we grow - when we move out of our comfort zone. Very nice post, Claudia.

@Sandra - yes, I believe that for others it must come easier, but I am sure you have your own comfort zone somewhere!
@Joyce - that sounds great, well done!
@Jennifer - just do it, and this is no Nike commercial :)))
@Danneromero - change is not easy to go along with, I agree
@Sush - oh yes, you should see the new shoes, they are so pretty :) And hey, you are doing great with the challenge!
@Matt - well I know :))))
@Beachlover - thank you so much!

Stepping out of the boat and out of our comfort zone...there is so much to see and do in the world. Picture says it all:) Blessings, Amanda

Amanda - Realityarts-Creativity
Art Blog

@Amanda - yes, the picture is worth a blog entry!

Great picture! It gave me a nice chuckle.

Found your blog through A-Z.

Coffee in the Garden
In the Care of the Great Physician

What an interesting blog, and I like your posts.

If you've the chance, pop on over to my blog. I'm the award winning author of ther Bella and Britt series for kids.


You can find some real gems just meandering around the web - here are some wise words indeed :-)

@Christine - welcome!
@Nancy - thank you for your nice comment
@Sarah - sweet of you!

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