K - Kiss passionately. Keep looking forward.

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No need to explain do I?

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Cool picture--with a great message :)

Cheers, Jenn

Keep looking forward is a great motto. Kissing is good too.

@Jenn - thank you!
@Belle - yes, kissing is great too, but I thought no one needs any hint there :)))

Dawn, yes its one step at a time, like the picture! Amanda

Amanda - Realityarts-Creativity
Art Blog

I love this:-)

very interesting..and a request to write about a person dying from a brain tumor?...wow..talk about a "smack" yup...its difficult to let go..season of life take their own course...even when passionately conceived. Sometimes it has nothing to do with us :0)

@Amanda - thank you for your kind words.
@Jabblog - good :)
@Ady - imi pare sincer rau de mama dumneavoastra, sincera sa fiu nu stiu cum pot sa va ajut, eu nu scriu in limba romana pe acest blog.
@Brenda - I know what you mean!

Anonymous says:

Great advice. Both parts.

@Beth - thought so :)

Love the collage artwork.

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It's funny how many kisses are almost ceremonial. A quick peck, as it were. We do it all the time, but kissing passionately is for one person only and I think I like that! *blushing*
And looking back, waste of time!

@Linda - thank you for dropping by!
@Jo - no reason to blush, it is as you say for one person only!

It's a long time since I enjoyed a passionate kiss - except for in my imagination while I'm writing my novels!

@Paula - but I am sure our novels are full of passion!

nice, claudia.

@Danneromero - thanks!

Great collage and wonderful message. Kiss passionately. Like a directive. I like it!

You're right Claudia. No explanations needed today!

Cool post!!


@Amy - good, I hope it was not that harsh :)
@Diane - happy then
@Kathy - thanks!

This is amazing. People should realize that they should not look back and regret what is already past. Thanks for sharing this message.


I guess if you look back, he might miss your lips.

Catch My Words

Fun inspiration! ~ Angela, Whole Foods Living, http://www.wholefoodsliving.blogspot.com/

Don't look back, you're not going that way. I love that! I might use that line in a song I'm writing.

Fantastic post, sweet and to the point :)

Anonymous says:

Yes, Claudia! Don't look back! :D

Well now I must say I love to kiss passionately but there's no looking back cause for the most part I keep my eyes closed. Unless I hear a sound like it could be a wandering child or grandchild....

@Gina - I usually say we should learn from the past but never dwell in it!
@Joyce - that is GREAT line, honest!
@Angela - thanks :)
@Rick - please do, I am sure it will be a great song!
@Jennifer - sweet comment :)
@Beachlover - I am trying :)
@Sush - funny!

We can never go back can we? Nice reminder...

@Susan - no we cannot and somehow I believe it is for the best!


@Lindi - thank you!

More wise words from you Claudia! Looking back is rarely helpful - and kissing is always fun :-)

@Sarah - agree with the kissing part :)))

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