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Your passion is in you somewhere. Remember it or find it. Then turn your passion into action. Find the road that leads to success with your passion. You can do it! When you combine passion with skill and contribution, success is not far behind. Find and ignite your passion today!

What I would suggest is a list based on some simple questions:

What makes you giddy with excitement?

What breaks your heart?

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

What makes you feel like you’ve contributed?

Somehow I know that if you truly answer at least one question, you will be amazed of the answer! Try :) 

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Wonderful post Claudia!!

Cheers, Jenn

Thank you Jenn, yours is also very good!

That's a good post for the letter I my friend, and something for us to really think about today, which is always good!

@Diane - very sweet of you, I so enjoy your comments, they are always so positive!

I love how you put forth the questions to ignite ones passion. Food for thought. Great 'I' post.
Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

dang....i missed my calling; porn star? hehe Seriously though..hate that "you've missed your calling" ..and this post makes my nose sting and yes my eyes are watering...i honestly answered and well..have to share this post. thank you

Great post and loved the questions directed to us at the end. I'm sure I would quit my day job, stay home and write.

I need to think hard about this!

What a great post for I! Passion is so important to creativity.

Great advice.

I'm here from the A to Z challenge. I hope it is going well for you.


Interesting post - those questions have made me think!

I love this Claudia, your questions really made me think!!

@Jennifer - thank you, I found it also very interesting!
@Kathy - thank you for your kind words
@Brenda - I started laughing so hard that my mom looked at me and asked if everything OK, you are so funny!
@Sarah - do let me know what is the answer :)
@Matthew - si true
@Lucy - all is great, love the challenge
@Paula - that is good, I hope!
@Kathy - good :)

It's a brilliant feeling when something rekindles your passion. Life has a way of muting it a lot of the time! Thanks, Claudia! LindaK

@LindaK - so true, well I have to admit that one of my biggest passion are shoes :) guilty!

Just to let you know that many comments tend to land in the spam area, for no reason at all, sorry!

I get frozen on the action part...

Another post of yours that I need to print and put on my wall here in the Cave. :)

@Amy - thank you Amy for your kind words!

passions? I have a passion for family...that and books! ;) Great letter 'I' post. I am here form the challenge and am going to follow you too.

@Melody - books, that is also one of my passions :) and thanks for the following :)

Great post. There are so many people who don't know what they are good at or what they have passion about. It is so important to find that or they can't truly live out their purpose in life!

I am passionate about Jesus, drama, encouraging others, and writing.

The Write Soil
1st Writes

I explore my passions every day, contribute to their growth, and write out my life on a regular basis. There are some great questions at the end of your post... my favorite is:

"What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?" I would only add to whatever the response might be... "What are you waiting for?"

Love this post - so important to stop and really look at where you are headed!

Loved it because anything that makes me look at myself and ask, "Are you being all you can be?" is a good piece. This one not only did that, but maybe I'll be rethinking some things and making some changes.
Thanks Claudia. ♥

Anonymous says:

I love this post, Claudia!

...and there are some things that I know I do well, that I'm passionate about. ♡

Anonymous says:

Oh, I LOVE this!!

@Dawn - very true, the discovery of your inner passion makes you in the end happy!
@November - a good question indeed, so what are YOU waiting for?
@Sylvia - you are right!
@Jo - always welcom
@Beachlover - lucky you, keep doing them!
@Beth - thanks my dear!

Anonymous says:

Hi Claudia! Great post for the letter I. I've copied down the questions so I can think about them and answer them. Have an awesome day!


@Susanne - I am happy that my post is so inspirational :) have a great day as well!

Thought-provoking post, Claudia. Most of the things I have passion for--reading, art, crocheting, writing, traveling--are things that I can't make a living at in the world, but maybe that's what passions are supposed to be about. I'm thinking that when I retire I'd love to spend my time doing exactly those things.

@Elaine - that is also my dream, to have a knitting shop one day and start a club :))

Wonderful questions! I know my answer...now I've just got to make the time to pursue it more. ;)

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