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When I woke up this morning, after 13 hours of sleep, I had a brief moment of thinking. I had the choice, either I will give in and continue to have a bad mood like yesterday or gather my energy and make the most of it.

A bit of background. On the way back from Tallinn to Frankfurt, while waiting for the plane to take off, an unknown lady sitting behind me, tried to shovle her bad while the steward was closing the lid from the luggage tray. Anyway their movements were not coordinated and the lady's bag ended up on my head with a metalic part hitting my forehead and nose. Needless to say that I am still recovering, horrid headaches.

And now back to today. I still have the headaches, I am still not able to focus all the times, according to my doctor I have a minor brain swelling which needs to heal, and this takes time.

I chose the positive attitude, I am trying to relax, to read as much as I can without becoming too tired. I hope that by Monday all will be better. Fingers crossed!

As for the high and low, I chose the HIGH! :)



Good choice! Cheer up, you deserve it! I tagged you in The Sunshine Award! http://thebearanecessities.blogspot.com/2011/06/sunshine-award.html

Oh Sarah you are very sweet thank you!

OMG, you really were injured. Wow that is too bad. Yes, just try to relax and nap as much as you can. If you have a little lavendar scented oil that will help you relax quite nicely. Hope you are much better soon.

@Barb - the oil is beside my bed :) Thank you for your kind words!

Good grief, Claudia...that must have been quite a bump on the head! I am so sorry to hear this happened to you, of all people! I do hope you're resting up under doctor's orders and that you will recover fully. I admire your positive attitude...I'm not so sure I would have made the same choice! Please do look after yourself and report any worsening symptoms to your doctor immediately. You can never be too careful with an injury to your head. I also hope you have appraised the ailine of your condition - I know it's an unfortunate accident, but they need to try to protect against this type of thing happening. Impatient passengers should be told to WAIT their turn!

Big hug,
Des xoxo

@Desiree - so sweet of you! Yes, I did report it my insurance and also to the airline! Now, as you said, I am being quiet and trying to recover till Monday, I plan to work then :-)

I agree with Desiree - that this should happen to you, of all people! It must have really knocked you for six! I am wondering what the Air Stewardess and that silly lady said about it all. I hope Peter is looking after you and making a fuss of you!! Take care x

Oh my goodness, Claudia. This is terrible, you poor thing. No wonder you've had to recover watching the television. Sending you lots of hugs to make you better :)

@Emma - a pretty silly accident indeed!

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