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Dear me, another Wednesday? Sometime I wonder how time flies, somehow this blog is for me an indication of how week after week life takes slight turns!

Today was under the sign of the following quote

Time is what prevents everything from happening at once. ~John Archibald Wheeler

Everybody at work tried to have everything happening at once and were pushing me to provide them with solutions for their problems. Wednesday as a fire fighting day for 11 hours and it drained me of energy.

But then I came home, chatted with hubby and started to relax, then I started reading the GBE2 posts, the BFF posts and following my usual blogs. Cool down Claudia! And it works, magic!

Therefore in order to repay to you all, my dear followers and readers, I came up with an idea and I hope you will join in :)

At the moment I have 81 dear followers and I am very grateful for your support and kind comments. I never thought possible that I will reach this amount so fast, but the April and May challenge, alongside with the membership in the GBE2, BFF and the Writers' Post groups added many of you dear blogging friends! So I launch my personal challenge to the world wide web! The moment The story will reach 100 followers I will have a raffle for all interested in attending it, and the prize will be linked with one of my passions. Hint? Here :) What do you say? Interested?



Sounds like a plan! Count me in!


@Kathy - great! Thanks, I appreciate your support!

Sounds like a great idea, Claudia. I'm up for it!!!

Thank you Diane, let's see how long it will take :)

Good Kim :)

Sounds like fun, Claudia. Cheering you on to your 100!

Plan on something soon, 100 is going to hit you quickly. Great idea.

A raffle? It sounds very interesting! Count me in.

Cheering you on to 100!

Anonymous says:

Count me in!

@Trinista - thank you! I hope I will reach it!
@Barb - hope so! Let us see how long it takes :)
@Belle - yes, I hope you will like it :)
@Divalounger :)
@Beth - great that you are by my side!

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