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Posted by Claudia Moser on 8:18 AM
Rick from Life 101 had a blackout moment yesterday and in order to post something he came up with a list of favourite things, and I thought it's funny and gave a try!

My favourite color of car is red
My favourite color of shirt is black for winter and white for summer
My favourite color of pants is black
My favourite smell is lavender
My favourite flower is rose
My favourite time is morning
My favourite small city is Bad Homburg
My favourite big city is Timisoara
My favourite sport is biathlon
My favourite hobby is reading and blogging
My favourite thing to do is read and spend time with my family
My favourite thing to do with my husband is to visit new places
My favourite month is October
My favourite past time is just being with the people I love



That was a good post today Claudia, and a good way for us to get to know you a little better! I love roses as well, and being with the people you love is just the best!!

Ditto Thisisme :) I too enjoyed learning a little more about you. Hope you're having a very good day :)

Thank you Diane & Desiree! I thought it was a fun way to describe some of my favourite things :)

I did see Rick's post and thought it was great. I enjoyed yours immensely. It might take on in blog world!!

@Barb - yes, I thought so to! Why not? :)

I see we like the same color of car and pants! You say you like biathlon, have you ever done it? I love going new places with hubby too.

Hey Claudia, thanks for the shout out. I picked up a new follower who saw the My Favourite thing post.
Have a great day -- or is it night there where you are?

these simply shows your simplicity...



@Belle - it's practical, right? :) Biathlon I love to watch and I hope that I will have the chance to be present once in the audience of a world competition. I don't practice it, I did basketball and I love to swim (when the time permits!)
@Rick - you were so nice with your post, very kind! It was night when you wrote!
@JJ - my simplicity, a nice approach to my post, thank you!

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