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This post is possible only because my husband insisted that I should not let one of my weekly specials fall down due to my holiday. So here I am writing my High & Low and to be honest there are many highs (only to mention Peter's birthday yesterday, our common holiday, no meetings, no to dos, just doing what I want) but at the same time a couple of lows (to begin with the autumn weather, we have in Germany heavy rains and 14 degrees Celsius, I cannot believe that it is actually July). One important low bothers me a lot, but I don't know how to write about it, I need to find the best way, so until then just indulge me. Probably the best way will be to add in a story and to try to deal with it!

I wish you all a high Wednesday and hopefully tomorrow will be a 100% high day!



I'm glad you're having a lovely time. Your weather sounds exactly like ours in England. I'm sick of rain.

That other low? The words will come, when they're ready.

Hugs to you.

@Sarah - I hope they will, at the moment I am a bit confused!

Glad for my highs than lows and hoping you can work through the very bothersome one...

So good to know you are mostly having highs. The weather is not anything you can influence, but you can still have fun. It's lousy to have a niggling problem. I always find it best to deal with things head on. That way, you get them dealt with promptly and can put them behind you. Hope you get a resolution soon.

Hi my friend. Glad that your highs are outweighing the lows at the moment, and I am sorry that you have got one particular low that is causing you real concern. Tell us about it if you feel like it, but I hope it gets resolved for you. We're always here to listen and support.

Hi Claudia,
Did I miss something somewhere or do you have a new design going on your blog? I do really like it...very much! I hope you get the low squared away, there's a quote, 'it isn't the hills that wear you down, but the little grain of sand in your shoe.' I hope you get the sand right out of your shoe.

And Belated Birthday greetings to Peter!

Happy Birthday to Hubby. Glad you're not crazy busy and the highs are more than the lows. Enjoy!!

We just got over a week of rain. It has been a cool summer here in Western Canada. I'm glad you are enjoying your holiday with hubby!

@Laura - I am still working on it :)
@Desiree - I will try and let you all know, thank you for your support!
@Diane - I know that I can count on you all, and that helps a lot!
@Sush - yes, last Sunday I had some time and played a bit with the design, glad you like it! And a great quote, will remember it!
@Barb - thank you, we had together a great day!
@Belle - the summer is gone in Germany, still looking for it :)))

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