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When I met Peter, I knew that he already has a lady in his life, a lady who knew him long before I did and to which he was pretty committed and dedicated. I also knew that the two of us will have to go along if we would like to share Peter's love. Much to my surprise, Naila took me into her life without much fuss, she simply loved me since she knew and felt the love Peter had for me. She is a very wise lady, 13 years old (for a dog she is 91 years old!!!), very sweet, and she made my life more beautiful. I am very grateful that I have the privelege to spend my life with her, she teaches me a lot of unconditional love (OK, it may have something to do with the cheese which she loves and gets from me LOL) and she deserves all the best. Being an old lady, we need to take care of her a bit more than before, her legs are not what they used to be, she cannot run as she did a couple of years ago, but her eyes never change when looking at us.

Below some pictures from today, it was rather hard to get some snapshots, she is rather shy :)

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She is lovely Claudia
and what a great name Naila,
really nice.

@Fiona - she is an amazing soul!

Nails is a lovely, old lady. She looks so gentle and it's great to see she is still able to enjoy her outings, sniffing all the smells along the way! An older dog has such wisdom and so much understanding of our own frailties. Their commitment to us is life long and our commitment to them ought to be no less! This is a very special post, honouring her, Claudia. Please give her a gentle pat and stroke from me.

@Desiree - the pat and stroke was delivered, she looked so happy :) I am sure she would love you as well, she is so love giving! Thank you for your kind words, she is very special indeed!

Claudia...Naila is a wise lady to welcome you into her world! There is nothing as sweet as a devoted dog to her family. What a darling...our old girl is 15 years and we cherish every moment of her.


@Sush - yes I am very blessed, she is so adorable!

She is beautiful and you and Peter are blessed to receive such unconditional love.

@Sarah - she is gorgeous indeed, and currently sitting on my feet so I don't go away :)

I love her markings and long hair. Very pretty!

@Belle - her hair is very soft!

Naila what a beautiful name for such a beautiful dog, she looks so sweet.

What a beautiful name for such a beautiful dog! What a blessing that you both came to love each other. Give her an extra loving pet from me!

What a great take on Committment--I loved that you shared her with us!

Beautiful photos of Naila - isn't she just lovely?! She obviously sensed that you and Peter were just made for each other, and that's why she made you feel so welcome!!

@Luan - yes, she is sweet and very gentle!
@Laura - she got lots of peting this evening, she was very happy to see me!
@Jenn - she deserves to be a star!
@Diane - I guess you are right, but still very grateful for her love!

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