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“Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.”
Author Unknown

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To be happy! My currently status and I cannot stop having this wonderful warm feeling. I guess that being positive attracts positive thoughts and events!

Some of my moments today:
- waking up and seeing Naila's sleepy eyes adoring and questioning - Will you wake up? Where is my cheese?
- my nice morning coffee
- getting praise for my work from my boss
- shopping with Peter
- getting a wonderful gift from him - lovely Burberry The Beat parfume
- finding a true red jacket - goes great with jeans
- baking cakes for the Coffee and Cake afternoon tomorrow at work
- relaxin, reading, blogging ...

So what does make you happpy?



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What a lovely post Claudia.

What makes me happy is reading your blog!

Have a wonderful day and keep smiling!

Claudia...I was the one that deleted my earlier comment - I made a typing mistake...and that makes me unhappy!

@Jenny - you are so kind to me! I am smiling, it does not go away for a couple of days!

Happiness really is a state of mind that we consciously choose. It really does depend on our attitude and how we decide to react to events and people on a moment to moment basis. It comes with being contented with who we are, where we are and what we have.

My partner makes me laugh every single day. This makes me happy :-)

What a wonderful post :) It made me smile.

Walking with my husband, makes me happy, to see the trees and the birds flying high above us. And seeing the fog early in the mornings, as it lays over the fields and ponds that I pass on my long way to work, Mother Nature is still waking up :)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, trying to be positive is a wonderful thing. ♥ Bibi

That is a lovely post Claudia

I am glad that you had a good week and that you are feeling happy.

@Desiree - you are so right, it is a state of mind!
@Sarah - lucky you :)
@Bibi - thank you! Such lovely moments of happiness!
@Fiona - it was a great week, sadly my husband is not feeling very well!

I am especially happy when my granddaughter Faith comes downstairs early in the morning and lays on the bed with me and just talks and talks.

@Belle - what a great grandmother you are!

I'm glad you've found happiness.


What makes me happy? RETIREMENT!!! I have never been happier!

@Joyce - thank you!
@Darlene - lucky you :-)

Such a wonderful post illustrating that the small things are some of the best in life!! Well done!


@Kathy - thank you, very kind of you!

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