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If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain.’
by Maya Angelou

At the beginning of this week I was so excited about this weekend, so many plans!

In my town, there is a special event, called Laternen Fest (the lights celebration) which gathers so many people from the region. It is like a fair, with fun events, lots of amazing food and a great atmosphere.

Then one of my great friends has birthday today and her parties are always amazing!

But ...

Sadly Peter is sick, very very sick. He started with 39 degrees fever and he ended up at 41 degrees. Friday evening he was so cold, he was freezing and since then the fever doesn't seem to want to leave him be. I called the emergency doctor, got some medicine and the fever is droping but not as much as I wish for. He is very weak, and without any apetite. And I worry ... I feel helpless, and I don't know what to do. I cancelled all the planes and I watch him.

Since I cannot just lay around and do nothing, and since I have not much apetite I did 2 dips which I highly recommend. With chips or toast, very delicious! Avocado dip and roasted garlic and beans dip!

Now back to my reading (Bucay) and to my hope for his speedy recovery!



Oh dear!! I sure hope he gets to feeling better! Sounds like you are taking good care of him, tho. I hate that you will have to miss out on that great event in your town. Your dips sound yummy!

Oh Claudia, I hope Peter has a speedy recovery. Good thing you ARE home and not traveling. Tender loving care is just what the Dr orders! Is there anyway you can view the lanterns from afar? Hugs to you both and I'll be checking to hear Peter is fast on the mend!

@Becky - that is life! I cannot leave him, maybe just a for a short walk to buy some more fruit!
@Sush - yes, it's good that I am home! I should be travelling on Monday but I think I'll stay home if he will not get better!
Thank you both for caring!

Claudia, I am sorry to hear that Peter is ill, it is such a worry for you.

I hope that he makes a speedy recovery.

Am sure you will get to the lights festival another time.

Take care of yourself as well as Peter!


I hope Peter gets better soon the poor thing. I bet you are the best nurse ever.

@Fiona - yes, next year we will be there for sure! I don't worry about that. I just wish he will feel better!
@Luan - you are sweet! I'm giving my best!

Poor Peter is obviously very poorly. Wonder if it was a virus of some sort. What a pity you had to cancel all those lovely plans :( Sometimes, it just seems to happen like that, doesn't it? I love that quote at the start of the post. Those dips look amazing. Yum!! Hugs to Peter and I do hope that he will soon start to feel better soon.

@Diane - yes, most likely a virus, this is what the doctor mentioned as well. Thank you for your kind words, awaiting now the improvement :)

I'm so so sorry Peter is poorly. Thankfully you're here and not travelling. What a shame your plans had to be cancelled, but of course some things are more important.

Sorry that Peter is ill, I hope he gets better soon! I seems to can't find your email address?
My email address is sisi@sirenlondon.com
I hope to hear from you soon.

@Sarah - yes, Peter is definetly more important than anyone else or any other plan!
@Sisi - thank you for your kind words! Email send!

It is so good that you are home to take care of Peter. I'm sure that in itself will help speed his recovery! Hoping that he feels well very soon!

@Laura - yes, God bless he is feeling better, the fever is dropping and I am so happy!

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