Incredible but true! I won :)

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You may my party announcement, for a wonderful special rare event – an on-line house party! Yes, a proper on-line party to launch Carol’s debut novel Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines.

And guess what? I did win something! And really great for a book lover like me, namely a 50$ Amazon Voucher. Wow, Carol so happy!

And to make things even better the other winners are good friends of mine from the blogging world. Here we go:

The results of The Mini Skirts Competition

In third place - Contestant # 2 Bouncin' Barb

In second place - Contestant #19 Darlene

And in first place by a rather large majority ... it must have been the promise of all those cream teas!
Contestant #10 Thisisme

The Results of the Laughter Lines Contest

A tough contest but finally after much recounting the winner was this joke now in its full version sent in by 'Sush' who wins a copy of Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines by Carol. For the joke find it here.

What would you call your book? Contest Winners:

The following all have won an eBook version of Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines

Bouncin' Barb
Steadfast Ahoy
Rovng Jay

Competition in the Snug:

The HMV Voucher goes to Elisa Hirsch

And the raffle result:

1st Prize - The Kindle
Sarah Bell

2nd Prize - $50 Amazon Gift Card
Claudia Moser

3rd Prize $50 Amazon Card
Eva Marie

4th Prize A copy of Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines

5th Prize Joey Purse

6th Prize $25 Amazon Card
Karen Averill

Ebooks of Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines go to

Sylvia Massara
Karen Philips
Brenda Susan
Pam Duggleby

Did you see my name in the list? Still happy :) Thanks Carol!



Yay! Congratulations :-)

@Sarah - I'm speechless, well not actually since I wrote this entry :)))

Wow, I get my picture on your blog too. Now that's a true fan! Thanks for the votes and the fun. It was a great party. A concept I never would have thought of. So glad you won the $50 voucher. Now you can spoil yourself a bit! And I can finally read her book now. Can't wait for the make up goodies. I need a picker upper!! Hugs.

@Barb - always a fan, till the end :) And I wanted to share the good news! And for sure I will do some shopping!

Congratulations Claudia! We all did rather well, didn't we?! Such a great party, and, like you, I wanted to share the happy news to. Have a super weekend, and I do hope that Peter is now fully recovered :D

@Diane - we did very well indeed! Thank you for your concern, Peter is recovering!

Congratulations on your win, Claudia! It was wonderful seeing so many of my blogging friends won prizes on Carol's blog! Have you decided what you'll be buying, yet? So many choices!

I hope Peter's recovery is progressing steadily and that you're been enjoying a relaxing weekend at home.

@Desiree - so true, I was so extatic :)) Peter is doing better, and yes we did spend our weekend at home just the two of us, it did us both some good. Thank you for your care!

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