The other side of happiness

Posted by Claudia Moser on 7:30 PM
is sadness to see your loved one in pain. Peter is in hospital for a couple of days and I miss him dearly. I cannot focus much on writing at the moment. Thank you all for your kind wishes and support!



Chin up Claudia. I know how much you must miss Peter, and I am sorry to hear that he is in hospital, but at least he's in the right place now. I pray that he will soon be well again and back home with you! Take care.

@Diane - yes, I will do my best to cheer him up! I hope he will get better soon!

I'm so sorry to hear this Claudia, of course he's in the right place but it's hard being the one left behind.

Hugs to you, and best wishes to Peter for a speedy recovery x

I've been absent and returned to see this. I'm so sorry to hear about Peter. Do they know what it is? Keep us posted please. My thoughts are with you both!!! Hugs!

I am so sorry to hear Peter is in hospital, but I am sure that he is being cared for well. I wish you strength and trust that he will soon be able to return home and make a full recovery!

@Sarah - thank you so much, I am thinking of him and hoping that his treatment is adequate!
@Barb - yes, it is a bacteria, they found the cause! Thank you my dear!
@Desiree - I hope I have enough power and strenght! Thank you!


Just logging on now and see your news.

You are both in my thoughts and prayers.

Peter will be home with you shortly I am sure.

Take care


@Fiona - thank you for your caring words, I am hoping as well!

Oh Claudia, I'm so sorry to hear Peter's not very well. It's so horrible to be apart from loved ones :( I hope he's home with you soon...

@Emma - thank you, all will be well in the end!

I'm glad they found out what was wrong. I pray he will be better soon.

So sorry to hear about Peter, at least they know what the problem is and that he is in the right place. Thinking of you both x

I just got on my computer after being away from home almost all day. I'm so sorry that Peter is in the hospital! Now he will get the care he needs and will recover quickly. I will be looking forward to an update post when he's all well. Take care of him and take care of yourself as well!

Hey Claudia, I saw your facebook post and I've been thinking about you guys.
Hope Peter gets home soon.

@Belle - yes, we are on the right track!
@Luan - thank you for your kind words!
@Laura - will take care of us both, promise!
@Rick - thank you, slowly progress but it counts!

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