How to walk away from this?

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And here we are, today is my birthday, I am 35 years old and already had some amazing surprises:
- My mother woke up very early and brought me an amazing flower bouquet, no pictures since I using the Ipad and I don't know yet how to upload things :(
- One of my colleagues, currently deployed in Australia send me a lovely birthday wish, thanks!
- Already got so many birthday wishes that I am amazed how many people thought of me
- Had an amazing breakfast in the family and we will go out for lunch at my favourite restaurant in town

and and so many things will follow for sure!

Thus the question: how am I suppose to leave this behind? Each time I am coming home I have a moment when I feel this, like I am abandoning my home. But now let's party!!!!!!!

Updates: we had a wonderful lunch, the family together and it was amazing to enjoy the sun and the company. I am so lucky! No enjoying a nice cup of coffee while watching Jacke Chan!



Happy Birthday, dear Claudia.

Don't feel you need to walk away from anything, just embrace the moments away as being equally as important as when you are at home.

It sounds to me like 35 has started of with a bang; lots of wonderful friends, around the world, wishing you the very best - it is what you deserve!

Herzlichen Glückwünsche zu Ihren Geburtstag!

Cheers, Jenny

Claudia...typing late in the evening is good for making mistakes...

35 has started "off" with a bang...(that's more like it)

Big Hugs and here's to a wonderful year ahead.

Cheers, Jenny

Happy Birthday Claudia, may the year ahead be full of the joy you deserve.

Happy Birthday Claudia :) I wish you many, many, many more years of wonderful birthdays!

Happy Birthday with wishes for many many more wonderful birthdays to come!

So glad that you had a lovely day - well deserved!!

Wishing you many many more happy wonderful years.

x Fiona

Anonymous says:

Happy Birthday Claudia!
Sounds like you're having a lovely day! With family and all.

Enjoy the rest of Your day!

Hugs x

Happy Birthday dear friend. Sounds as if you've had a special day, which is just how it should be. Leaving there again is going to be hard for you I think! Bet your mum was so pleased to have you there on your birthday. (Mum's love things like that. Hee Hee!!).

Happy Birthday Claudia!! It would be hard to walk away from home, but don't fret. Enjoy while there and live every moment as if it were your last. Count your blessings and feel glad!!


Claudia...first Happy Birthday and second, who would want to walk away from any of that day? :)

Happy Birthday!! Enjoy every moment...and know you are loved! How wonderful to now have the memories to remind you of a wonderful day!

I know I wished you Happy Birthday on Facebook but I'm so glad your day was so special for you! You certainly deserve it! Hugs!

What a wonderful way to spend your special day! Unfortunately, we all have to walk away from our fun moments so we can earn enough money to have fun again!

Happy Birthday! The thirties and forties can be the best years of your life. May you enjoy each year!

I am here to wish you, rather belatedly, a very Happy 35th Birthday! I am so glad you got to spend it with your family and best friend! I wish you all the very best of health and happiness in the year ahead. Hugs xoxo

@Jenny - danke dir das war sehr net! Yes, being back home made me realise the great times I had, but there is always a moment where you need to move on!
@Sarah - thank you for your wishes!
@Jenn - I hope so :-)
@Laura - many thanks!
@Fiona - thank you :)
@Eva - it was a wonderful birthday indeed
@Diane - mom was so happy, I was so glad to see her!
@Kathy - I am grateful for the wonderful week I had!
@Jo - so true :)
@Kathi - you are so right!
@Barb - so sweet of you to write also here, thank you!
@Susan - it was very lovely!
@Belle - hope so too!
@Desiree - thank you my dear!

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