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Taking one day at a time may prove difficult for me since I have a tendency of impatience most of times, I do attempt to get to my objective faster than nirmal.

But being on holiday teaches you to enjoy evey moment, for example a nice cup of coffee on a terasse while you sun bathe. Funnily enough while on a break, time seems to fly away, you feel that the seconds are melting away.

This time, I did take my time to talk to mom and granny, to walk on the streets to remember good times, to see old friends and just laugh because you can.

Tomorrow will be a very special day, 10 years since I graduated from university, and today I got a call from one of the organisers, who wanted to make sure that I have my speech ready. I was kind of surprised, but then I realised why. I was the year's president, thus I am expected to say something at the beginning of the official part. So do trust me I do wonder what am I going to say? Any ideas? For sure I will thank the organisors, the teachers and my colleagues for being there, and then I should have a nice catch. But hey one step at a time, first party tonight with my best friend, who by chance shares with me the same birthday date ;) we are 7 hours apart! I just hope that by tomorrow I will get my inspiration.

P.S. This entry is done for this week's BFF theme.



I think you should certainly share the path you took through the past 10 years, including an acknowledgement of those people who believed in you.

Have fun with your best friend tonight and enjoy the balance of your holiday!

Hi there Claudia. So glad that you are taking the time to smell the roses, because I know what a busy life you usually lead! I know that inspiration will come to you in time for your speech. You are so good with words, as is proved by your blog posts for all of us to share. Hope it all goes well for you anyway. Do let us know!

Anonymous says:

Hi Claudia, I'm happy to hear that you're having a lovely and relaxing holiday. Wishing you good luck for tomorrow's speech - I'm sure the words will come to you! Enjoy your Evening!

Happy Birthday, Claudia. Have a great time with your friend. I don't have any advice as I've never given a speech like that. You may get some good ideas online or at the library. Good luck to you and I will pray God gives you good ideas!

The speech could write itself! Ten years in a nutshell and of course, mentions of the special people still there or those who are gone?

You will wow them...no doubt.

Glad you are enjoying some down time.

I have great faith that the words will come to you, you have a gift for it :-)

I hope you enjoy your Reunion! I bet it will be wonderful, and your speech will be perfect!
The words will come once you start writing, I believe in you.

Happy partying!

I have faith in you too and hope you are enjoying your holiday. You need to take time out occasionally or you'll wear out!
lad to see your lovely avatar is here too!
Good luck with the speech - I usually start shaking when I give one and drop all my papers or forget who I am ;)

Have a great day, Claudia xx

My best to you on that er, speech. I must work out being nervous in giving speeches but you don't sound to be that at all.

happy birthday, Claudia, and rock their socks with your speech.

As both Diane and Carol have commented, I, too have plenty of faith in you and I am sure you will do very well when the time comes to deliver your speech. Just be yourself and offer your best smile and you will have your audience eating out of your hand. I am pleased to hear you are pacing yourself and making time to really stop and appreciate each moment of your holiday. It's so easy to stay caught up in the rat race pace of life, that it does require determined effort to slow down. I know this is not easy when one is young and impatient, as I was both once upon a time. My husband will say I'm still impatient!

@All - many thanks! All went well, inspiration came while walking. Will post soon some pictures from this great event. Thank you all for your support and kind words, you all rock!

I am so glad you took the time out for you and stopped and breathed and enjoyed the people around you. As for the speech, I actually am a speaker by trade and have done keynote speeches. People want to be inspired and they want to hear how you did it. Being yourself is the biggest key to inspiring them. You go girl......

@Laura - thank you! In the end all went well and that is what counts! :=)

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