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George Albert Smith (4 January 1864, London – 17 May 1959) was a stage hypnotist, psychic, magic lantern lecturer, astronomer, inventor, and one of the pioneers of British cinema, who is best known for his controversial work with Edmund Gurney at the Society for Psychical Research, his short-films from 1897-1903 which pioneered film editing and close-ups, and his development of the first successful colour film process, Kinemacolor.

He pioneered the use of the close-up with Grandma's Reading Glass, As Seen Through a Telescope and Spiders on a Web (all 1900), and I found two to share with you:

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For me this is an amazing breakthrough for the world cinematography, imagine how many lovely suprises we get we are drawn into a movie and suddenly a small detail brings light within the story.

Maybe you would wonder how come I am writing about this? Sunday is dedicated to the series called Coast, wonderfully entertaining, lovely scenaries and great stories. Today it took me to Brighton, thus George Albert Smith. A sample below, maybe you will find it as surprising as I do!

Happy Sunday!



You always put up such great learning information. We have certainly come a long way in technology. I loved the tour too. Cute tour guide!!!

that was AMAZING, had no idea the Forte was kept up so well and STILL USED! Gosh we;ve come a long way and its funny, my grandkids will probably giggle at YouTube and Blogging!!

loved this

I always learn something new when I stop by...very interesting stuff!


@Barb - happy you enjoyed it!
@Brenda - well yes, the documentary was pretty informative!
@Kathy - I am gald you do :)

The advancement of cinema is indeed an amazing surprise.


Anonymous says:

This: "...we are drawn into a movie and suddenly a small detail brings light within the story." says it perfectly.

technology,film and camera... awesome additions to our world...

found you on GBE2

Anonymous says:

Interesting and informative :)

I absolutely love the voice of the guy who presents Coast. there's something deeply soothing about it! Love the Smith images too. Excellent piece xx

@Joyce - so true!
@Beth :)
@Danneromero - welcome :)
@Diva - glad you enjoyed it!
@Gil - I missed you around!

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