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While away to the 2 day Seminar in Niederwald, I discovered a wonderful location, Hotel Jagdschloss, where I would love to return for a weekend and discover the forest, the vineyards, the nature.

The magical forest

Discovering a house


The castle

Lamp posts

The former gardner's house

Front view

Forest, hills, nature

I can imagine taking long walks, then a lovely candlelight dinner. A desirable location for a small break. Do you agree?



Anonymous says:

What a beautiful spot you've found there Claudia! Can definitely agree that it is a desirable place for a break.

@Eva - it is a very quiet place, sadly the light did not do it justice! I bet the pictures would have been better under the sunlight!

Looks like a lovely romantic location Claudia, just perfect...........

Well are you going to whisk Peter away for a few days of lovliness?!!!


@Fiona - oh yes, just have to surprise him right? :)

@Karen - yes, too bad I had to work :)

Oh, absolutely! Your pictures are so beautiful and enticing. I wish it were possible for me to spend some time there! The former gardener's cottage is lovely. I'd be more than happy to move in and oversee the garden ;)

Oh you so have to go back with your heart's desire...

What a gorgeous place you definantly have to go back.

Beautiful place--I'd love to have the Gardener's House.

What a beautiful place!! Lovely pictures too!


What a perfect setting for a story :-)

Hi claudia, I have no better words to really describe the amazing look your post is offering to the blogging community.


I am tariq mian from http://tariqmian.blogspot.com


That area in Germany should be paying you for your tourism promotion!
You are obviously in the most beautiful part of the country.

@Desiree - you have the same reaction as Peter!
@Sush - so true!
@Luan - will do, spring should look nice!
@Jennifer - it is very beautiful indeed!
@Kathy - I was so happy to walk around!
@Sarah - a love story perhaps? :)
@Tariq - many thanks!
@Jo - well they probably should :)

Gosh, what a beautiful spot you found there Claudia, whilst on your Seminar. It really does look beautiful. I loved the little house in the wood. I agree, it would be a lovely place to go for a romantic break. (Peter, are you listening?!).

@Diane - I hope so :-)

Beautiful scenery Claudia! Thanks for sharing.


@Joyce - glad you enjoyed it!

Absolutely a very desirable place to return to for sure!! I love, Love, LOVE the fall colors in your pictures! Cheers! Jenn

Most certainly a desirable place to rest. The scenery is beautiful!

@Jenn - the colours are amazing indeed!
@Darlene - there are so many lovely places around!

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