The worst Christmas present would be ...

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if I don't manage to take off to my hometown tomorrow. Currently we have some heavy winds and rain, it looks rather scary outside and Frankfurt airport has some problems. I cannot think of anything else and my travel will also mean less blogging till after New Year's Eve (some posts are scheduled ahead!) but please believe me that I will think of all of you dear blogging friends. I wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and may 2012 find us all healthy!

Keep on smiling!



Ooh that is a bad present. :-D

See you when you get back. Merry Christmas.

@Misha - thank you :) see you soon!

Have a good holiday!

That is a bad sweater, but my mom probably would have worn it...She liked flamingos! :-)

@Laura - will for sure enjoy it :)

Now following your blog.

A lot of us will be doing less blogging in the next couple of weeks. I'm staying on my regular schedule with posts, but my commenting may be curtailed some.

Have a great holiday season.

Tossing It Out

Oh my god, that cardigan really IS bad!

I hope you have a lovely time, a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic new year. Enjoy the days away from blogging, we all need to take time out occasionally.

Love from London xo

Merry Christmas, Claudia. I hope your plane will take off and the weather will be good.

Fingers crossed your travel goes well! Merry Christmas and safe traveling.

Have a good trip and Merry Christmas X

Oh I do hope you get home! I have to be honest, I'm secretly hoping for a naff christmas jumper! Happy Holidays Claudia :)

Wishing you safe travel and a Merry Christmas!

Have a wonderful holiday. I hope you get there safely.

@Arlee - welcome :) I am glad you are around, thank you!
@Mlle Poirot - happy Christmas, love this time of the year!
@Belle - glad to be back!
@Jo - all went well!
@Luan - :))
@Emma - and? Did you get it?
@Darlene - thank you!
@Sarah - still enjoying my holiday!

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