Xmas baking

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Despite having a heavy cold I decided that I need to bake, to fill the house with the wonderful aroma of cookies :)

So here I went, ending up with many more than I thought, but I am sure that I will make some people happy!

Coconut cookies
Honey cinnamos stars
Cranberries cookies
Espresso stars

Orange Xmas trees
Almonds cookies
Marzipan balls
Chocolate cookies - not so pretty but delicious
Cookies which I will fill with jam :)

Any takers?



Oh yes, oh yes! Nothing better than home baked cookies, and so many wonderful kinds to try :-)

@Sarah - well yes, it improves the mood but gather pounds on the hips :)))

Mmmmm..... They all look so yummy. Will you share your cranberry cookie recipe with me? I have some cranberries that I want to use up. I've been looking for a good recipe. I hadn't thought about cookies. They look sooooo good! Yum!

Wow! You must have been cooking all day! Is there a better smell than that of baking?!

Goodness Gracious, Claudia! You've been at it all day, by the look of it. So much variety. I am very impressed, but at the same time, you've shown me up hugely. I haven't baked a thing this year and am not sure I'll get round to doing so, either. Surprisingly, I used to love baking. It was always such an easy, relaxing past time. Now, it just seems like too much hard work. I'd love to tuck into a selection of your delicious cookies! Nothing beats home baking!

I am sorry to hear you're still feeling so poorly :( Thank you for your lovely compliment on my blog a short while ago! That was such a sweet thing to say & I really am delighted to know you find peace when you stroll through those wonderful gardens :)

Oh yum! I haven't even started any holiday baking. Can I borrow some of yours. It all looks so delicious that I can almost smell them!

@Darlene - will look for the recipe and share it :)
@Emma - no, but the whole house if full of it :)
@Desiree - I believe that there are moments when the pleasures of creating something move to a different direction, you have your amazing photos. And I was 100% honest, they truly relax me!
@Karen - thank you for the compliment, but I still have to work on the details, but they improve year by year!
@Laura - you are welcome at any time :)

Goodness me Claudia. You hAVE been so busy with all that cooking. It all looks scrummy I must say! I can't believe that you have another cold. :( Perhaps it's all that travelling. Hope it eases soon. Hugs.

@Diane - it is the 4 weeks old cold, not so funny anymore :( but hey the baking helped my mood :)

Wow, Claudia. You got so much done! They look delicious. Hope your cold is gone soon.

@Belle - I was unstopable :)) cold still here I'm afraid but hey such is life!

I just gained 10 pounds looking at these! Delish I am sure.

I just gained 10 pounds looking at these! Delish I am sure.

@Jo - they are, but will be shared :)

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