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The first Saturday in 2012, sadly rather grey and moist, not very inviting, but in end I would have ignored the strange weather if I would have not had an intense pain in my shoulder. Any sudden move brings tears into my eyes, thus I am very much irritated my by lack of mobility and speed.

Nevertheless We went to Frankfurt for some errands, had a quiet slow walk and a lovely lunch. My better half did his best in humouring me, even if I know that I haven't had my very best mood on.

Today's lessom? That even the smallest muscle is critical and that without your health in the end yo do not have much.

To enjoy: some cartoons, just because ;)



Hi Claudia. So sorry to hear about the pain in your shoulder. Now I know what you meant by the post on your facebook! Do hope that it eases soon. As you say, our health is everything, and each night I thank God for giving me the health and strength to do the things I do. Loved the cartoons today. Take care.

Anonymous says:

Hi Claudia, Good cartoons today - I agree our health is everything. Have a great evening!


Claudia, I'm sorry you are in pain and every move hurts. When I injured my shoulder in Vancouver, I went to an acupuncturist who helped me. They can help with all kinds of pain. I hope you are better soon.

I hope you feel better soon Claudia. try a heat pack and see if that helps.

I hope you feel fully fit soon, pain just makes everything seem so miserable, doesn't it?

@Diane - thank you for your kind words, I am taking it easy!
@Eva - the cartons were funny :-)
@Belle - yes, the trouble is that it happened during the weekend which is not so suitable for doctor's appointments!
@Luan - that was exactly what I did, it did help!
@Sarah - it does, you are right!

Hy, beautiful post, I like it so much and I like your blog!I follow you ever like pleasure, and I hope that you follow me too.. and pass to visit my latest post!
I'm waiting you!
A Hug ♥

@Valentina - thank you for following, very sweet!

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