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Sometimes you need time for yourself, even if you are surrounded by others. Currently I am going to medical gymnastics (some nasty headaches in the past which bother me and affect my vertebrae) and my physician asked me if I could find in my busy life two or three minutes just for me. I was surprised and I asked why? He told me: maybe it is time for you to listen to your body, to take some minutes to feel your breath, to relax and to let your body be the star. He surprised me, but I kow he is right, so starting today I will plan my moments of solitude as I plan almost everything in my life (even if I am a big fan of surprises!).



Hang on to that doctor with both hands! Wishing you healing and relaxation!

@Maria - I will do! Promise

Sounds like a wise physician indeed! Hope your headaches are only memories very soon! Take good care of yourself, you are a treasure to many!


i am telling you.. solitude works... helps relax your mind.. everyone should take moments every days for themselves.

Moments of solitude sound wonderful
I hope that you enjoy
and that your headaches ease very soon.

Take care of you


@Sush - I am doing much better now, no worries, but I think he was right!
@Danneromero - I hope it will bring some cooling dwon!
@Fioana - thank you so much, the pain is almost gone!

This is definitely an important aspect of solitude Claudia. Finding that place where you can appreciate you... matters.

@November rain - well yes, that is the ultimate goal!

Thank you for your sweet words in my blog, I will send you the recipe for the finnish cinnamon buns. A moment of solitude is something that everyone needs in today´s hectic world. Good night! Sofia.

Solitude is the most beautiful thing, enjoy!

I do believe it is good to take time to think about our lives and what is going on inside ourselves. It is true we do get answers when we do that.

I not only need solitary time, but I demand it. It's my solitude that keeps me in balance. Listen to your doctor!


I hope that you are feeling better soon, and found some time to take for yourself. I love the quotes you posted!

Hope you get to feeling better and a little solitude does the trick.


@Sofia - I start my own version, I hope they will be as pretty as yours, I will post a picture for sure!
@Luan - thank you!
@Belle - yes, they are moments when you need to ponder!
@Darlene - yes ma'am!
@Izdiher - well yes
@Jenn & Casey - all will be well, in time
@Kathy - might help!

I am trying to adapt this lifestyle too... I need more relaxation and meditation time !!! keeep us posted on your progress :)

@Jenni - will do, will I've my best!

Anonymous says:

I love this Claudia! I've been considering yoga or meditation. It's just kind of hard to commit to doing nothing, but I know we need to stop long enough to listen to our inner self. Best wishes for your headaches to go away!

If you would like, I've left an award for you on my blog. I've really enjoyed your posts!

The photos alone nailed this week's topic Claudia. Maybe you'll be surprised to realize how much you'll have fun time spent alone :)

@Beachlover - many thanks for our award, very kind of you!
@Feathered Pen - I am trying, will do my best!

How are you doing with your moments? I hope it is working well for you *hugs*

@Gil - going well, and all is well, at home after a frustrating business travel!

Hoping you listen to your Dr and I believe you will find a little something unexpected in his advice, if you take it. Quiet, meditative time will allow you to hear what messages are being sent your way. God talks to us all, but so many times we are just so busy thinking and doing, we are just too loud to hear Him. Listen, it'll give you new life. ♥

@Jo - being alone with your own thoughts brings clarity, that is true!

Anonymous says:

la solitude est trop dure....mais parfois elle est nécessaire....parfois il faut arrêter tout et prendre le temps nécessaire pour qu'on avance à nouveau!!

Anonymous says:

la solitude est trop dure....mais parfois elle est nécessaire....parfois il faut arrêter tout et prendre le temps nécessaire pour qu'on avance à nouveau!!

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