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Today is your free hug day, I would like to thank all of my followers and readers for their constant support and enthusiasm!

This post is dedicated to you, yes, you reading this now. Thank you!

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What? Me? Awww, thanks :-)

Hugs to you, Claudia :-)

Anonymous says:

Thanks for the hug, Claudia! And you are very welcome! :-)

Muah! That was a pleasant surprise Claudia :-)

Gee, I guess that must be me then! Hugs are always very welcome, so thank you very much! I do hope that your toothache is better today :(

Anonymous says:

Thanks for the free hug! Have a wonderful day!
: )

HA! You did a hug post too? xD I couldn't think of anything else to be honest so this was the best thing in my head at the time :P

Everyone loves my son's hugs as they go on just a little too long. Not in an uncomfortablde way, just enough to say I really care about you and want to be hugging you! I run into people and instead of asking how he is, they'll say "I need an Abe hug." Nice way to be thought of.

So many huffy posts today. But no one will hug me because I'm sick!

Lol. Huffy was supposed to be huggy.

Nice! :)

Thanks for the hug :-)

@Sarah - well yes!
@Beachlover - thank you so much
@November Rain - I am happy I surprised you
@Diane - much better, thank you for your care
@Suzanne - many thanks for you as well
@Jenny - hugging is a wonderful activity, isn't it?
@Sandra - I would hug, don't you worry! :)
@Danneromero :)
@Paula - welcome!

@Karen - thank you so much!

hugging back :)

I think I saw that in a video one time. This person was standing on the street with the sign. So many people took her up on her offer. It was amazing. She may have even saved a life that day by decreasing tension, blood pressure, or sadness. Thanks for posting!
Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

(((((hugs)))) I virtually hug you many times a month and today I happily do it again.

@Lynn - thank you!
@Kathy - yes, for Christmas there was a similar movement in my one town, very nice
@Jo - so sweet of you, thank you and appreciate your support!

Always love a hug, virtual, or any other kind. *squeezes back*

Aww thanks for the hugs!! Hugging right back!!


Thank ya very much. Hugs back at ya :)

I've missed some of your posts. Sorry. This is a great one. I love hugs. I've often thought if I saw someone on the sidewalk giving away those free hugs I would run up and get one!

Anonymous says:

Claudia, you're the best! {{{hugs}}}

@The writing goddess, Kathy & Jennifer - thank you for the hug back, very sweet of you!
@Belle - do not worry my dear, there are plenty yet to come. And I know how you feel, I'd also hug the strangers :)
@Beth - you made me blush now!

just a little something to brighten your day

@Rhonda - yes, you could it like that :)

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