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Timisoara is my home town, and being there lets me relax and gather my energy. I always try to see my family for holidays, since I know that being with the dear ones is what holiday spirit is all about. Sadly this year I am alone, my husband has an important project going on and could not join me, thus I realize that home is when you are complete, and my husband is an important part of me. Strangly enough when I am in Germany I miss my Romanian part of the family (especially mom and granny) and now when I am in Romania I miss my husband. But he will eventually come, for the end of my holidays, so at least he will get a chance to rest. But still, home is an important place for me, in the end it is Timisoara, my heart started beating here. Happy Easter everyone, I hope you spend your holidays with the loved ones!



Lovely post my friend. I love that Timisoara is where your heart started beating. I've never thought of that before. I'm so sorry that Peter can't be with you at the moment. That's part of life these days, isn't it, with the work situation. I'm sure your mum and granny are so pleased that you are there with them once again. Family is what life is all about. Happy Easter Claudia!

@Diane - yes mum and granny do take care of me, but still I wish we were all 4 here! Happy Easter for you!

Happy Easter Claudia, sorry that your husband can't be with you.

@Sarah - that is life! :)

Paşte Fericit my dear Claudia. Genießen.

Thank you Celeste, very sweet of you!

Happy Easter Holidays to you!...Enjoy the time with your Mom and Grandma!

I love being at home! It's the only chance I have to read blogs and doesn't happen as much as I'd like. Back to work tomorrow. :(

Catch My Words

@Heidi - thank you, for you too :)
@Joyce - oh, sorry for that, I am still having 1 more week of rest

No family around here today just the big guy and me and our dogs! It's okay, just a quiet day and a lot of sunshine and big winds!

Enjoy your family and the holiday, he'll be there soon! ♥

Thank you Jo, waiting for the next weekend! :)

Happy Easter, Claudia. I know, I would miss my husband terribly if he couldn't be with me, but at least you have family to be with!

Very kind of you Elaine, thank you for your words!

I would miss my husband too..but we just have to somehow make things work, right?!

Anonymous says:

I understand about missing your husband. I went through that when my husband had to travel for work, which thankfully wasn't very often. Happy Easter!

awwww ((hugs))

Having been in love and then watching the relationship turn into a long distance one, then being the single that I am now, I still think that I'd rather at least have someone love me from far away than not at all.

"my heart started beating here"... very nicely put.

@Momto8 - in the end you have to find a compromise, I do understand that sometimes your job may take priority!
@Suzanne - thank you, happy Easter as well!
@Brenda - thank you my dear!
@Kathy - we've been through that at the beginning of the relationship and it was very hard
@Nvember Rain - yes, my heart belongs to Timisoara

Oh I love being at home too, Claudia. My parents live in a different state...I love to visit them, but often my husband can't come, so it's never quite complete without him.
Wishing you the joys of Easter.

@Corinne - thank you, that the is key being complete with everyone, and that is hard without him. Happy Easter for you too!

Anonymous says:

I hope the next gathering finds you surrounded by all of those dearest to your heart. ♥

@Beth - I hope so too!

I can relate to that. My home now is in NZ but I also miss the home where I was born and lived a large part of my life. I hope the next time you have all your loved ones with you.

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