G - Go outside and observe nature. Give.

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"The value of a man resides in what he gives, not in what he is capable in receiving."
Albert Einstein



What a peaceful looking photo at the beginning of this post today. That quote by Albert Einstein is so very true. I hope you're having a lovely break my friend and managing to get some good relaxing time in! Happy Easter to you and Peter.

I agree. Giving is far more rewarding. Great post.

@Diane - thank you for your kind words, happy Easter for you too!
@Mina - yes, I discovered that by giving just a little you receive so much more!

What a beautiful scene! Thanks for sharing! ~ Angela, Whole Foods Living, http://www.wholefoodsliving.blogspot.com/

I really wish I could go out into that scene right now!

I walked to town this morning and saw so many buds on the trees and bushes - it was really heart-lifting :-)

Anonymous says:

Beautiful and peaceful looking. Happy Easter!
: )

@Whole Foods - welcome!
@Sandra - you could always go into nature!
@LindaK - spring is a great season
@Danneromero - thank you
@Susanne - happy Easter for you as well!

What a beautiful place! I'd love to visit someday.
For now...time to go outside to some of the beautiful places in my neck of the woods. Thanks for the reminder.

Happy Easter Weekend! Enjoy the A to Z Challenge!

@Suzanne - Happy Easter to you as well, enjoy spring!

Giving is so important. I find that when you give something, or of yourself, it comes back more than you had before. Giving back to Nature is very important too.
Thanks for stopping by my 'G'post and have a very Happy Easter.
Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

@Kathy - thank you for your kind wishes, Happy Easter too!

Just read this after a two hour walk outside with my husband. Perfect timing and a lovely post!

should have done that more today--beautiful

Wishing you a very happy Easter too xo

You are insightful and poetic.

Lovely picture and getting outdoors is always good advice. Except Michiganders in winter...stay in!

Just breathes in both the image, and the quote.

Thank you.

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So true. They've done studies and found that people's brains contain more serotonin--a chemical that produces happy feeling, after giving versus after receiving. Great photos!

Catch My Words

I'd love to roll down those green hills. Gorgeous.

Great picture and wonderful motto. Giving is more rewarding. It's a pity not more people understand.

I wish I could find a view like that nearby...

Giving is so much more gratifying!!

I love your picture and your short and sweet take to the letter G.


Love the photos!

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@Lynn - I wish the weather was better, I'd take a walk now too
@Mlle Poirot - thank you so much, for you too!
@Amy - that is a very nice thing to say, thank you
@Jo - well you are right :)
@November - welcome :)
@Joyce - good result for the study, I am sure it is true
@Elizabeth - thanks
@Jennifer - Germany has lots of lovely places like that
@David - so true
@Sharon - maybe one day ...
@Kirsty - indeed

@Izdiher - thank you
@Kathy - well sometimes you don't need too many words, do you?
@alinda - enjoy the challenge as well!

I want to be where that photograph is!

Hope you had a happy, peaceful, Easter Claudia.

@Sarah - close to my home in Germany, lovely hills

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