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Aschaffenburg, Bayern, Germany, a lovely old town with an amazing park build with a great landscaping approach, a small castle within a park with a view towards the main cardinal castle. What a view to enjoy during sunny days!



There's something about castles that makes me feel nostalgic. Nice photos, Claudia. :)


@Reiza - so true, it is so romantic!

So weit im Süden unseres Landes bin ich noch nie gewesen, ist schon traurig, man kommt herum, aber...

Lieben Gruß

@Cloudy - es lohnt sich, glaub mir!

So pretty, I can't wait to travel.

Dearest Claudia,
I love castles and my sweet memory of visiting "Schloss Neuschwanstein" was so wonderful. Marvelous to have these places to close by, isn't it♬♬♬
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Beautiful views.

@Elizabeth - are you coming to Germany?
@Miyako - the Neuschwanstein castle is really special, a magical place!
@Steven - thanks!

I lived in Germany for three years '94 - '97 and just loved the castles! Though I had been to many big ones like in Heidelberg and even Neushwanstein I liked one that was close to my home the best because you could walk through it by yourself and just imagine what it would have been like to have lived there. And at Christmas time of course it was a marketplace. I lived in Hanau which is about 30 minutues from the castle in your picture I think. I miss Germany! I love seeing your photos.

Wow, how lovely!! Castles capturemy imagination!


Anonymous says:

LOVE your snapshots in life...:0) Places i wouldn't see otherwise


I do love seeing all the beautiful and old places you have visited. I have not been to Germany, but I would surely love to see this place!

@Kathi - you did live in Germany? Wow! And yes, you are right, the castles are amazing! Christmas time is very special in Germany, one of the best places to do winter shopping. And you know what? You lived very close to where I live now! And in case you want to visit let me know!
@Kathy - indeed they do, so romantic and mysterious!
@Brenda - thanks my dear, you are also brilliant with your camera!
@Jo - you would, want to come? :)

I love castles. They always take me into fairy tales. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous says:

How amazing to be able to visit castles! Not too many around this area. Never been to one. Something so romantic, yet mysterious about them. Beautiful pics!

Beautiful. Loved the castles I saw in Scotland, and this one if just as pretty.

@Suzy - yes, fairy tales with princes and damsels in distress :)
@KAT - Germany has many, this was actually small!
@Angela - Scotland is also amazing!

I could almost hear Sleeping Beauty snoring...

@Tara - why snoring? :)))

Perhaps she has sleep apnea...

@Tara - she may :)

Anonymous says:

Beautiful! I especially love that last pic.

This looks like a lovely, well kept, huge place to roam around in.

@Beth - that is the viewfrom one castle to the other :)
@KAT - that is true, people had a great idea to build such retreats!

That is lovely.


Anonymous says:

Lovely snapshots Claudia. It is wonderful to know about various beautiful places across the globe.

@Joyce - thank you
@Tikulicious - that is true, I also enjoy seeing other places!

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