W - Walk. Write. Watch the sun set.

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Some time ago I shared with you some of my sunset shots made in our last year holiday in Lanzarote, and I see no harm in remembering the wonderful time we had!



I love watching sunsets...and sunrise! They bring a clarity to the day, don't you think?

I loved that post and I loved visiting the sunsets again. What a nice way to start the day!

Great photos, it looks so beautiful.=)


just lovely!

@Sush - yes, you are right and I think your comment did bring some light into my problem, thank you!
@Karen - the scenery was amazing!
@Joyce - thank you!
@Amy - I also love sunsets especially on a beach!
@Kashaya - I do miss Lanzarote!
@Brenda - thank you my dear!

I just love sunsets...makes me so happy and relaxed after a long day! Thanks for the beautiful photos!

@Susan - welcome

Lovely, lovely. I can smell the salt air, and it makes me smile.

gorgeous. My mother lives near the beach so we are blessed with sunsets all yeaar long.

Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them again! ♥


Beautiful - where is this?

@Angela - yes, the salty smell is also in my nose, I know what you mean!
@Sandra - so lucky!
@Kathy - yes, I felt that I should revisit the place where I was so happy :)
@Sharon - Lanzarote, Canary Inslands
@Baygirl - indeed

Hi Claudia. Your sunsets are certainly worth repeating my friend. They are simply stunning. Thank you for sharing them again.

Sadly I can't walk very far these days because of my arthritis, but I can write - and watch sunsets too!

@Diane - I agree with you they are worth sharing :))
@Paula - I hope you feel a bitbbetter tomorrow!

Every vacation we have ever taken on or near the water involves sunset pics. I get lost in a good sunset. Sunrises, not so much! I am not a morning girl by any stretch. Though I have stayed up to see a few of them!

Anonymous says:

Absolutely beautiful!

Hi Claudia - what a wonderful "W" post - I love a beautiful sunset.
Thank you for sharing them!

Jenny @ Pearson Report
Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

@Jo - well to be honest I am a morning person but I still love sunsets more, I agree with you!
@Susanne - thank you!
@Jenny - welcome my dear!

The sun shines out of my ass. Enjoy the weekend Claudia.

@Celeste - happy weekend as well

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