X - Xerox your smiling face.

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A smile is such a powerful thing - and what a wonderful way of reminding us.

Great "X" post.

Jenny @ Pearson Report
Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

And don't let anyone change any 'thing' about you, dear friend! Great post!

Love a smile. It can change the day in an instant. Thanks for the reminder!

Thanks for this wonderful reminder, Claudia!

Have a lovely weekend and happy A to Z!!

@Jenny - I agree, I dedicated to this word (smile) two posts during the challenge!
@Sush - promise, I will remain myself no matter what
@Karen - sweet of you
@Amy - so true, a smile can change a whole situation
@Laura - happy weekend as well and I hope you enjoy the challenge as well

Great X post. You always have something very enlightening to share!

@Jenn - that is very kind of you :)

Lovely reminder, Claudia! :-)

Glad you enjoyed it Paula!

What an original X subject line. :)

Anonymous says:

Very sweet post. I like it a lot!

@Abigail - thank you for kind words of appreciation!
@Izdiher - sure!
@Beachlover - glad you enjoyed it!

Anonymous says:

Wise words!

My signature smile -------> :O)

Anonymous says:

Great quote!

@Beth - thank you :)
@Susanne - it is, you are right!

Love you little quips... they go well with coffee :-)

xcellent words

@November Rain - great, I enjoy cofee a lot as you know :)
@Lynn - smart choice for an adjective LOl

Love your posting!...Enjoy your weekend!

One of my favorites:)

Good point!

Catch My Words

Smiles are priceless and contagious! Good job.

beautiful quote xx

@Heidi - thank you, happy weekend for you too!
@Doreen - thank you and welcome on my followers list!
@Joyce - thanks!
@Jo - so true
@Louise - thank yoi

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