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It takes strength, and determination, and inspiration, and some road blocks, and again some ideas. It's all encompassed in the blogging world. You write, you comment, you search, you wonder, you try and then adjust. In the end we are putting in our posts a little bit of ourselves, we pour our soul on the electronic board. Sometimes we get great feedback, and sometimes none. And then we wonder: are our words so useless, no one wants to read us? But then suddenly some light, one new follower. And so the circle continues, with other attempts, with great ideas, themes.

Blogging is for me one amazing activity, it relaxes me, it brings me joy. I gained so many www friends, I discovered new possibilities and that is why, when I say this morning this post, I thought - wait a minute! This is it, this is what I would like to pass on to you, my readers, my followers, my fellow bloggers.

Cindi Brown, from Everyday Underwear is the creator of this award. Please use as you consider it fit, for me it is just a great opportunity to thank to those who gave me strength day by day.



You are so cute! It is true when we write we throw ourselves out there to be supported, ignored or slightly acknowledged and it does take strength to do this day after day,
love this whole idea - oh, and you, of course. ♥

@Jo - thank you, I spoke from my heart and I have days when I wonder why do I write, but then something magical happens and I find inspiration!

I never thought of it this way - but yes, we do put ourselves out for judgement, brickbats with our writing. Hmmm - we are strong

You're so right, Claudia, we do all bare a bit of our soul each time we share things with each other. Great award!!

@Emma - you can take it and use as you consider fit!

@Phoenixritu - yes we are and we need to acknowledge it!

What a great award. :) Happy Monday, Claudia!

@Lynn - thank you!

@Karen - glad you enjoyed the award! Pls use it!

Cool take on the challenge. I never really thought about having the strength to continue to write. Now there is an interesting concept!! I always thought it was a mixture of self preservation, draining of the brain, and almost a fanatical portion of insanity. :D Great post Claudia!


@Kathy - your choices also fit the picture :)

Anonymous says:

love you too Claudia..MUAH...even if you never comment on my blogs..LOL

You hit how I look at blogging directly on the head - and with such a strong blow! Great show of strength and thanks for the smile that went along with it. :)

I love your attitude. Just that makes blogging fun, Claudia.

Anonymous says:

Aha, you read my thoughts and translated them so aptly. Power to us and to what makes us who we are. Great to read your views.

@Brenda - you are so sweet
@Amy - glad I did that
@Danneromero - thank you for your kind words
@Tikulicious - nicely put - power to us!

That covers it perfectly, Claudia... I just like your blog *smile*
Have to say, Beth's comments this week have given me the strength to actually keep writing when I was close to giving up, so I'm living proof that we can and do draw strength from the blogs we read and the comments we receive.

@Gil - Beth is an inspiration for us all, I also treasure her support and energy. As for you, I am happy that you keep writing, your thoughts are such a great read! Keep going girl :)))

You're so right which is why I'm often hesitant to write. Also you're right that you need some roadblocks to gain strength.

The blogworld has been kind to me as well. There are some great friends, some people that I respect, and some who are family now, that I have met because of blogging.. Wonderful indeed

Anonymous says:

I love every bit of this...and that award is BRILLIANT!

That is such an interesting take and it jibes with my experience. There is great fortitude required to write.

@Pbquig - it is a complex process indeed
@Bawa - lucky you
@Beth - I will miss you sooooo much!
@Tara - you are right!

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