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Our Naila is getting old, but she is our doggie treasure, a wonderful soul, trusting us on a daily basis. Today she was forced to take a bath, with horror she watched how the water was coming down. Afterwards we let her out in the garden, to get a rest and dry. First thing she did? Get as much dirt as possible back on her fur, including digging a hole while we were not watching. One thing is sure, if one day she will be gone, I will miss a lot!



Akrobatisches Schauspiel...:-)

Lieben Gruß

Your Naila is a lovely looking dog, they are funny when they get bathed aren't they?

What a beautiful dog!


Lovely photos of Naila. She looks really sweet. It's a shame when they get older. It's funny how they always roll on the ground like that to get some smells back!

What a Sweetie!

What a beautiful friend! Duke isn't thrilled about a bath, but he will take it without a problem. Sosha does not like it and the first thing she does is roll in the dirt and grass! What would we do without such faithful friends? It's hard to watch them grow older...

Nalia is beautiful, I love big dogs.

Anonymous says:

Pets are so important in our lives. Nalia is beautiful.

Dearest Claudia,
Naila is a wonderful dog♡♡♡ My dog I used have died only 6 years old, God bless your lovely doggie!!!
Lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Anonymous says:

AWWWWWWW what a sweetie..thank you for sharing your hidden treasure with us..lol..hidden NO MORE..even how the dirt was made! :0)

@Cloudy - ja, Sie war sehr gut gelaunt danach :)
@Ellie - yes, she did behave quite like a dog :)
@Kathy - she is simply lovely
@Diane - yes, getting old is no fun, but at the moment I chose to enjoy the happy moments with her!
@Belle - thank you, she is!
@Laura - to be honest I don't know how we will both feel when she will not be with us anymore ...
@Luan - big yes, but so playful at times!
@KAT - I agree!
@Miyako - I am sorry for your loss ...
@Brenda - thank you!

That looks like a very friendly dog.
Mine used to find something dead to roll on. Then is was bath time again.

Burmese Mountain dog? She is absolutely adorable. Gotta love those big soulful eyes!
Thanks for sharing her with us!

@Lee - she is very friendly, loves people and their company.
@Jo - yes she is, and yes adorable to the last bit!

Anonymous says:

Claudia, these pictures are precious! Naila looks like she's having such a wonderful day! She probably felt great after her bath. :0)

Thans for sharing these pictures. They're so nice!

Anonymous says:

Naila is a cutie! I especially like the 9th pic, where she's looking soulfully into the camera. :O)

Dogs are precious, smell and all. Great photos.

@Beachlover - maybe she did feel great, but I doubt it, dogs don't appreciate the water that much :)
@Beth - that is my favourite picture too, she is amazing!
@Steven - so true, I agree with you, precious!

Beautiful dog

@Ritu - she is :)

Beautiful dog and I'm sure faithful friend!

@Anna - she is, grateful for having her in my life!

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