BlogFest 2012 Day 1 - Party

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Our lovely host, Jenny, from Wine & Chat has challenged us with the following topic:
'Are you the life of the party or do you like to sit back and be entertained? Share a party story!!'

For me any good party has a touch of good food hidden somewhere, and since I have only 5 days left till my birthday I will show my last year's baking results for my coffee and cake afternoon gathering.



YUMMY! I want to wish you an early Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous says:

What a yummy looking spread.

Oh that is one heck of a spread. I think I'm going to fly your way for your birthday!! YUM!!

Thanks for blogging along for BlogFEST 2012!!

Cheers!! Jenn.

What a delicious looking selection of cakes.

@Eileen - thank you so much!
@Susanne - yes, full with calories and chocolate, it can only be good :)
@Jenn - I am happy to be part of the event! Thank you
@Miss B - thank you, I love to bake!

@Karen - anytime, you are more than welcome!

That's quite a spread. I think I'll fly over for your birthday! Have you started the preparations yet, Claudia?

@Corinne - not yet, I have to see what will I end up doing, the plan is to go for a spa weekend, but not sure if my health allows it!

Claudia, my mouth is watering. Everything looked so GOOD!!


Anonymous says:

Holy hell! I think I just gained 50lbs through my computer screen! Everything looks so deliciously yummy! I want it all. Do you deliver?? ;) Happy early Birthday! Here's to a fabulous year ahead - unless of course the Mayan's were right.. ;) - Cheers!

Great post - a picture is worth a thousand words!

Dearest Claudia,
Wow, you are always welcome to my house to bake me all these sweets(♥^_^♥)~* And Happy coming Birthday, my friend♡♡♡
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Oh yum! Will you share your recipes? Please!!!!

Yummo! Happy early birthday and I sure wish I lived closer!!!!!!

@Kathy - thank you, I am happy you enjoyed it!
@Mimi - I do not deliver :( but that is an idea for the future. As for the Mayans well we shall see if they were right!
@Sylvia - indeed!
@Miyako - thank you for your kind wishes, I appreciate them truly!
@Susan - will do, you actually gave me an idea, watch this space for more details!
@Jo - maybe one day!

Ugh ... they look great! Send some over please :-)

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