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Posted by Claudia Moser on 12:42 PM
Linda from Excuse Me While I Write that Down was sweet enough to pass an award to me, thank you for considering me, much obliged!
As Linda mentioned, the nature of the award is that I now have to share 7 things about me that you didn't already know, which may not be easy.
1. I rediscovered my love for the colour blue. My wardrobe seems to grow and grow with blue pants, blue blazers, even shoes. But somehow I feel comfortable while wearing it. In the end that counts right?
2. I don't usually have earworms, but this morning I stood up and Love is all around from Wet Wet Wet is stuck into my brain. Maybe it has something to do with Valentine's Day? I wonder!
3. I love cold temperature, but only if is crisp, dry and sunny. And tonight is such a day and while writing this I am wondering if I should not just out and have a walk in the forest.
4. I am a coffee addict. OH! But you ALL know this right? :)
5. My favourite house flowers at the moment are orchids, I have at least 3 in every room, so pretty and delicate.
6. Started the lent season, maybe you could share some vegetarian recipes with me? Thank you.
7. Love custom jewerly, and I just remembered I need another
In respect to passsing on the award, it is very hard to choose 15 bloggers, so I would suggest that anyone who did not yet receive it should take it and enjoy writing about it! Deal?




Congrats Claudia

Well deserved my friend.

x Fiona

Dearest Claudia,
Wow, Congratulations on your wonderful award for the special day.
And I loved your 5th answer, my friend. Orchid is a bit expensive but worth while as it last long. And yes, you are wearing blue in your profile picture.

Sending lots of love and wishing you are having wonderful Valentine's Day, xoxo Miyako*

congrats on your award!
fun reading your facts!

How lovely to have orchids in the house. I like blue too - it's a happy color. Congrats.

@Baygirl - thank you!
@Fiona - sweet of you!
@Miyako - yes, orchids are rather delicate I agree!
@Annmarie - it always is reading facts about someone!
@Belle - it is a happy colour, it makes me happy that is for sure!

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