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Now I got you puzzled, didn't I? Marthe Bibesco was a Romanian princess who was rather famous in France during the Belle Epoque. She was an amazing wonderful woman which was appraised by Marcel Proust with the following words 'You are not only a splendid writer, Princess, but a sculptor of words, a musician, a purveyor of scents, a poet.'
Her opinion on
“All unfortunate young women are lyrical poets, even those who do not write verse.”
Proust, Marcel:
“He reminded me of a fantastic figure in a Hoffman fairy tale of my childhood: the night owl whose apparition in the grandfather clock terrifies little Clara... I sensed something supernatural about him, as if he possessed the keys to a world into which I refused to follow that evening.”
“The use of absolute power weighs on the soul, well into the tenth generation and beyond.”
“Fashion is what clothes reality and offers dreams.”
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Wow, she sure did lead an interesting and well traveled life. I can't say that I have ever heard of her, until now! Thanks for that and for visiting my blog.
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Dearest Claudia,
Oh, she must be a great lady.
Good Luck on your A-Z Challenge, my friend.

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Anonymous says:

Very interesting! I had never heard of her.
Laura @ The Sweet Simple Things

What a fascinating woman and writer. Thanks for enlightening us about her, Claudia. I like your theme of women writers for the challenge. All the best with it!

Now this is the first I've heard of this princess. Great quotes!

Wow! She sounds like an amazing woman. I loved reading about her history. :-)

I'd never heard of her. Love her comment about Proust.

Wow, you sprung a surprise on us, Claudia. I'd never heard of her, either, but she sounds fascinating. Are any of her books available in English translations? I love your theme and am looking forward to the rest of the alphabet! (For this one I think I would've done A. S. Byatt.)

Anonymous says:

What an amazing woman. Thanks for a new discovery, Claudia. I am loving these posts xx

Anonymous says:

"...a sculptor of words, a purveyor of scents." Love this line!
Nice post, Claudia! What a beautiful woman Marthe Bibesco was!

Sounds like an intriguing and mysterious woman... or maybe I'm reading a lot into those quotes and the picture?

I am so happy that you found her interesting, I thought that you might find her unusual and completely new. As far as I know many of her books are translated in English, so I am sure you can enjoy them as well. Her writings are mostly in French, quite fascinating! Thank you all for your lovely comments, they did encourage me a lot!

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