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I believe this picture needs no introduction, J.K. Rowling, the lady behind Harry Potter. And also author of The Casual Vacancy, a crime story which will become a BBC series in 2014 (just in case you did not know that by now!)

I have mixed feelings towards the Harry Potter novels, till volume 4 I enjoyed reading them all, but afterwards they became too dark, too mature. In my opinion they lost its childish magic, what do you think?

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Can you believe I've never read them? I started to, but stopped after a few chapters. I've seen a couple of the movies and listened to part of one of the books on audio on a road trip when I helped my daughter (she's a big fan) move to Georgia several years ago. Some day...

I love the entire series. Yes it became dark but I have read each book more than once and listened to the audio books over and over on road trips.

I didn't know it would become a BBC series

Hello, Claudia! I'm featuring authors for my theme, too! Today I chose a British author also: Rosamunde Pilcher.

I love the Harry Potter books so much! They definitely did get darker, but that's because Harry was no longer a young child. By the fourth book, he's entered his teen years, which we all know can be a rather dark, angsty time! I think Rowling did a great job keeping the lighthearted magic, quirky characters, and witty dialogue (I still laugh out loud several times in the later books!) while still moving the story along as it should toward defeating evil.

Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

What one must understand about Harry Potter is that the books grew with the age of the characters and were totally appropriate. In Harry's first book, he was an eleven-year-old and the book was written for eleven-year-olds. By the end of the series, we had a young adult character, and thus, the books became young adult. Book seven was never meant to be read by an eleven year old anymore than the first one was written for young men nearing twenty.


I love the whole series. It did get progressively darker and that bothered me a bit, but then as the plot progressed it made sense with all the angles of the story. I loved how Neville and many other characters became more developed in the later books.

I have always loved the Harry Potter stories, was reading them to my son when he was a little boy.

I loved all the HP books.

3 of my 8 kids loved Harry Potter...every book. i just could not even begin to read it, I had no interest . Our book club read The Casual Vacancy, which I again did not have the desire to read and they gave the book a so-so....

@Laura - yes, I can believe it, but and audio version is smart
@Talya - she had something appealing, that is true
@Adam - I just read about it
@Laura - I loooove Rosamund Pilcher, enjoyed her books as a teenager so much! Great choice, I will drop by
@Joyce - well I started reading the books as an adult, and I must say that still the darkness surprised me, maybe I am an optimist!
@Tyrean - the plot was well written, agreed
@Eva - well done
@Suzy - good!
@Annmarie - still wondering if I should read it, Casual Vacancy I mean

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