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One great lady, Joanna Trollope (actually to be honest all ladies introduced during this A-Z Challenge are amazing! How fast time passes, already almost at the end of the alphabet)
Joanna Trollope was born in Gloucestershire in 1943 so has always felt the Cotswolds was her real "home" giving her a sense of rootedness and the capacity to value the rich life of smaller communities.
She became a full time author in 1980 and is enormously successful, her first number one best seller, the Rector's Wife made her a household name and several of her novels have been adapted for television including The Choir and A Village Affair. Joanna was awarded the OBE in 1996 for Services to Literature.
One initiative which I found admirable was her attempt to save Gloucestershire's libraries and she mentioned that she thinks that local book shops are still relevant because:
It's news to me that more people shop online for books than shop physically. If you know what you want it seems to me that shopping online is efficient and probably cheaper but if you are browsing for choice the physical presence of books seems to me abidingly important and attractive.
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Anonymous says:

I agree with her. I miss the little bookshops, which I'm sure lost out to big bookstores and online sales. There's nothing like browsing in a bookstore and finding a treasure that you weren't even looking for!

I agree. I think that book shops are still relevant, especially to those of us who like to browse and enjoy books.

She is always my summer holiday read

I love little bookstores!

Sadly the little bookstores are extinct where I live.


@Laura - I am a big believer of supporting the local business, so what I do is select books on Amazon and order them locally
@Tyrean - agreed!
@Inge - good choice
@Talya - I must say you are right :)
@Kathy - sad indeed!

I've never read Joanna Trollope though I've seen many of her books out there. I'll have to check her out. I agree with her that nothing beats browsing an actual bookshop and touching, smelling and opening real books before buying them.

I love browsing in bookstores, but books are so much cheaper now to download onto a kindle app.

I shop both online and in store for books. My greatest fear is losing the public libraries though. I just really love the tangible feel of a book with real pages. Nice little feature on Joanna.

Sue xo

@Cat - she has a very powerful style, you will like it!
@Suzy - that is true, but I still find holding a book more appealing than the Kindle (and I do own one!)
@Sue - libraries are also under danger you are right, we are lucky to have a great one in our town, grateful indeed

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