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I find myself back in the Romanian capital after almost 2 years and I discover that it has not changed much despite my aunt's happy statement that you can feel "the money" due to the fact that houses are being reconditioned. Actually in a cold rainy November day you can only see the dirt, the mud, the chaos. It is grey, hectic and not at all friendly. It is true that you can still find nice people, and today it was a great day from this point a view. How many things you can do with a smile!
The most ironic moment took place in the University underground area, where close to an add made for the Uninominal Vote which said " Let's clean!" you could easily see dirt in all its forms. On the floor, on the walls, in the garbage bin which was searched by a homeless. These are sights which take place at each corner. So many poor people and then you realise how fortunate you are, how lucky you are. You never give a second thought to the fact that you do live in a lovely place, you have a family that loves and cares for you, nice friends, health ... And the list can go on.
So in the end despite the fact that I don't particulary like Bucharest I am grateful for its lesson.
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