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Posted by Claudia Moser on 12:12 PM
Just found on one blog which I ended up reading daily a game which I found interesting. The original is in Romania, but I ended up filling in the blanks in English.

I am sick today, but happy to slow donw.

I would like to talk to my mother over a latte machiato.

I keep
my memories - they are precious.

I wish
for some cherries. What a desire at the beginning of spring!

I do not like people who lie, who deceive because it's the easiest way out.

I am afraid of cruel people.

I hear the computer, quite loud actually. I need to fix it soon.

I am sorry that I went to work yesterday, it made my cold worse.

I love to smile.

I am not that strong as most believe.

I am singing rarely, I do not have a voice.

Never say never right?

Seldomly I go to a disco.

I cry when I feel like it.

I am not happy that I do not have my old friends around, but happy that I found new ones. I am lucky.

I am confused when verbally abused.

I need to rest.

I should pay more attention to the messages which my body sends.

As the instructions mentioned you should ask someone else to do the same filling. I won't, I just found it amusing for this post. It's like a thought collection.

Thank you nebuloasa!



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You're welcome! :)

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