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Posted by Claudia Moser on 9:17 PM
While sitting in the plane to Tallinn awaiting to take off, I read the following Mark Twain's quote: give each day the chance to best the best day of your life. Isn't that a wonderful line?

Then suddenly the pilot started to talk in telling us that in his 17 years of experience he never manage to have a day like today. Frankfurt Airport seemed to be quite disorganised, and we had to taxi around the whole area. He kept on informing us that we went to all lanes, we never got clearance to take off. Then I realised that we were running around for 30 minutes. I was so absorbed in my book that I didn't notice how the time was passing neither did I manage to get that we were late. He was ironic, but somehow the whole plane did not mind. Just another time ... Some flying home, some going on a holiday, some just like me knowing that you can't change the situation anyway.

And finally after 3 hours of driving in the darkness (by the way it is amazing how dark Estonia is at night, you are literally going into nowhere) we arrived at our hotel. Outside 2 degrees so I really was looking forward in getting a hot tea with honey and lemon. So here I am at the bar asking for my wish when a Russian bloke (couldn't find another word in describing his appearence) wanted to have his bill. The waitress prints him out his bill and then suddenly he went into flames. Very rude, impolite and even with my minor understanding of Russian I got the message: he did not agree with the sum and wanted to pay less. He started being very verbally abusive towards the woman, who flushed and was very embaressed. He eventually got his way, he ended paying 420 krones from an original bill of 560 krones. The woman was speechless and I guess she will have to pay from her own money the difference. She was silent while serving me and somehow I tried to tell her that I understand and that I am sorry. But sometimes the language barriers are there, I hope she knew that I thought he was an a - - - - - e!!!!

And then returning to my room I read another line - the best things in life are free. I wonder if he knew that ...

What a day! And now? Enjoying my tea and getting ready for a long day tomorrow ...



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