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Another letter pre-dedicated to my Husband, the love of my life, the person who gives me strenght and peace of mind, in whose arms I just feel complete. It was worth waiting for 30 years, the last 4 years have been very joyful and loving, thank you Peter!

There are not many words which could describe my feelings, but the following haiku is dedicated to you!

My half finally
Not just fits — complets anew
As sun to each day.

Thank you for being you.



Claudia - what a beautiful dedication to Peter.
I wish you both a wonderful day and a life together full of happy times in each others arms.

Happy Thoughts,

This is just too beautiful, Claudia! Wishing you both a life time of continuing joy and happiness together!

Beautiful post to Peter, Claudia. I am so glad that you found your soul mate and wish you a long and happy life together, full of good things.

This is such a lovely tribute to your very special man. I wish you many more years of happiness together:-)

Beautiful haiku, Claudia. How wonderful to find such a man! You are so blessed and I am sure he is blessed by you.

Very sweet. He's a lucky man!

You're wanting to buy new jewelry or a new car aren't you? .....Just kidding. Very nice.

@Jenny - happy thoughts indeed :) at the moment spring is making me smiling all the time. Thank you!
@Desiree - your words in God's and faith's ears!
@This - thank you! You just enjoy the time with your family.
@Jab - thank you, it is a very personal post this one :)
@Deidra - thank you, I am honoured!
@Belle - your haiku was also great!
@Barb - sweet of you to drop by :)
@Rick - pssst ... it's our secret LOL! Just kidding for sure!

first time visiting your blog; I have enjoyed reading your entries and listening to the Genesis song; always a favorite of mine!

what a wonderful tribute to your husband!! Wishing you many more years of happiness together!!


@Betty - welcome! Just notice you are my last follower, thank you for joining in!

Claudia, how sweet to dedicate the letter h to your husband. Even write a Haiku for him. (another h, get it?)

I would love to follow your blog if I had a clue how to do that. I'm basically illiterate when it comes to anything Internest.

MM the Queen of English

I forgot to add -- congrats on your award. Did you notice my award -- powerful woman award -- I suppose knowing how to use the English language does make one powerful, though. "The pen is mightier than the sword." I forget who said that. Which brings up another topic -- memory or the loss therefore :-)

MM the Queen of English

@Queen - that was Edward Bulwer-Lytton for the quote :) a good one actually! And it is rather easy to follow, just go on the right side bar and click on follow :) Thank you for your kind words!

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