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Via Marie-Anne from Write, Wrong or Indifferent I have stumbled upon the GBE 2 movement. A group of more than 100 bloggers have 1 week time to post one entry in respect to the same theme. Elizabeth (add link) is posting on each Sunday, on the Facebook group , the topic and we have time to gather our thoughts and post. The time pressure is there, but maybe not as much as for the A-Z April Challenge or as for the Z-A May Challenge . But at the same time, you have the same feeling of belonging, of having some kind of routine within your web life. As I mentioned before (add link after the A-Z conclusions), I need an objective, a straightforward approach in order to organize a bit my blogging experience. But I digress; I actually should start writing about the first theme, namely Expectations.

I was very excited last evening, while waiting for the first theme. I hope that I will get a glimpse of it before I will sleep, but since Elizabeth is not located in Europe I had to adjust, but still at 5am this morning I saw her entry and then read the theme, expectations. The first thought? Dickens! (book)

But then I went to the airport (currently on a business trip to Poland) and I started chewing the theme, wondering if I will make myself an easy life and post only Dickens link (I would be rather chicken right?) or have a deeper thought and actually posting some more meaningful.

And then more thinking while sipping a double espresso, trying desperately to wake up. A long day ahead of me, a long auditing procedure, not something that I am looking forward. Rather be home, have a longer sleep in the morning, but hey! no such luck.

Then boarding, small plane, many thoughts. Expectations!

And then it hit me, while sipping my third coffee (yes, for those who do not know me, I am a coffee addict and quite proud of it!) I saw the light. I will share some of my thought about my expectations as a blogger.

My start was quite unusual, if I may say so. One of good friends and also colleague at that time, Gabriela (Coniecto) implemented a learning project about blogging and she needed the support of some trusted friends / coworkers / guinea pigs who are willing to start blogging with her on line support and training hints. I didn’t blog before and I thought why not? It was again a group effort under the guidance of an experienced blogger and I started day by day to discover what actually blogging means, the techniques, the possibilities. We chose blogger.com as a tool and we had fun for a while, posting in Romanian (my native language and also the groups’ language), but then after the project’s end my enthusiasm faded somehow. Started in 2008, with an intense number of posts followed by silence. From time to time, I added some thoughts, but it was really random and not at all followed.

Then one afternoon I went through my comments and I discovered that I had one follower who was always showing her support no matter which were the topics of my post, namely Belle from Tales from a Loser, who is sometimes a Winner . I started following her and discovered a new world just by jumping from her comments to its authors’ blogs. And then day by day I got more interested, I just realized wow! There is a big world out there. It takes time, for sure, you invest a lot of it in reading other people’s posts, but you discover amazing ideas, you get creative and then you stumble on something like A-Z April Challenge or Z-A May Challenge and suddenly you realize that in the last 3 months you have more activity, more followers and more hits than ever. And it becomes like a part of your life, you are a blogger.

My expectations at the beginning of blogging activity? I just wanted to help a friend, then somehow my interest faded but in the meantime I am so in to it. I don’t expect to influence anyone’s life, I just want to enjoy writing, I am grateful for each comment that I get, knowing that someone out there is reading my words.

What about your expectations when you started blogging? Or just now in the middle of it?

I do hope that I will keep the flow, that I will not lose interest in blogging, it is so much fun!



I love this and I love your writing style! It flows so well and had me both nodding my head in affirmation and laughing!

To be honest, I really didn't have any expectations when I first started blogging! I didn't know at that time that my daughter was writing a blog and, when she came home to visit me one time, she said why don't you start a blog. Because she knew that I enjoyed writing. She set it all up for me, and off I went. It was wonderful when I got my first few Followers. As you say, you have to invest time by visiting other peoples' blogs, to gain more followers, and it sort of just grows from there. Now I have these wonderful bloggy friends that I can't imagine being without!

My expectations of blogging was that People were making money at it or why else do it. I haven't made a dime, but found great people which is much more worthwhile.

A Pirate Looks At Sixty

Nice post. I don't think I have any expectations of blogging, but I have started to find a lot of interesting people and that is very cool :)

I think my only expectation in blogging is that at the end of the day I have to be able to sleep with what it is I have put out there. And you, know...if that is the only expectation I have then I'll never be disappointed.

Great blog!!

Where are you in Poland??

Cheers, Jenn.

Anonymous says:

I first started blogging years ago, with not much in the way of expectations. What I really didn't expect was to make some dear friends, but that's just what happened. :O)

My sister started a blog, so I started following her and made my own. I had no expectations other than to read each other's blogs. But then some people commented and I followed them and followed some of their followers.

I love meeting friends here in blogland. I learn so much and find everyone interesting. I'm so happy you found friends through my blog and that you are enjoying it too. It has been wonderful getting to know you!

I enjoyed following your thoughts through your words. See, I go through the same sorts of thoughts. I guess men don't, though, because when I ask my hubby what he's thinking he replies, "Nothing." Men can shut off their brains. Mine continually wonders what to write next. Great blog!

I enjoyed following you through the thought processes that led to this blog!!


I am a total coffee addict and have had three consecutive cups of coffee or more in a very short amount of time on a number of occasions. :-) I can definitely relate to that.
I'm glad that you've discovered the wonderful world of blogging and blog reading. It can be beneficial in so many different ways.

Anonymous says:

I would love to continue blogging for GBE2!

Right now I will be happy if I could understand how to work wordpress. I may have to change it soon for it is not what I expected, LOL! I enjoyed reading your blog.

When I first joined the blogging community, I joined only because I was so excited at the prospect of setting up my own blog and I held out hope that SOMEBODY might happen across it and fall in love with it. From one blog, I created several more and I now enjoy the diversity in each of them. I'm also enjoying reading all of the blogs in this new blogging challenge. I "expect" to meet more bloggers this way. Nice to meet you.

I agree, blogging is fun. I started with the A-Z Challenge and didn't know what to expect. As it turned out, it has been a wonderful education. Hearts in Fur Coats

I love it when someone writes straight from the heart. That is one of the joys of blogging, both writing as well as reading what others have written.

Being in the UK I am often getting ready for work in the morning when other writers in the USA are just about to head off to bed. It's weird, but you get used to adapting to the time.

I found it a bit of a struggle to complete the A-Z challenge in April, but it was a lot of fun to do. I think GBE2 will be a success.

ADORED this..adore YOU and your java addiction...hehe me 2. Cinnamon Hazelnut is still my fave! Latte are awesome too MUAH looking fwd to more of your sharing! : )

Anonymous says:

This is my first experience blogging. So, I've been blogging for about...a week. I'm interested in the "blogging tools" you mentioned. Like most things in life, that we usually teach ourselves, I'll get the hang of it with practice. I think blogging is going to be a great vehicle for me to write and express. Thanks for the great post!

@Marian – that is so sweet of you! Thank you!
@This – so glad your daughter got you into it! Your blog is such a pleasure to follow! And an investment which I do with a smile on my face!
@Pam – life is full of surprises, right?
@Mojo – finding people is cool for sure!
@Jenn – live with what you write is a good and healthy policy! I was in Warsaw and close to Lodz!
@Elizabeth – thank you for leading the GBE2!
@Belle – thank you Belle, I cherish your support a lot!
@Mrs Wilk – well what was that book title? Men are from Mars and women from Venus? LOL
@Kathy – quite strange development but I like the place where it lead me!
@Dances with Vodka – then you do understand! Welcome to the club!
@Justlife – I will do my best for sure! If I can help in any way do tell, OK?
@Theresa – I will visit you, you made me curious!
@Langley – a wonderful education, well said!
@Tony – nice to have you around, and sorry I’d miss you on the April Challenge, but we will recover lost time!
@DrHoney – very nice! Another member to the club! We should start our own blogging experience dedicated to this marvelous drink!
@Beachlover – if I can help, I’m here!

Good question! Blog expectations - I am breaking into the world of freelance writing, so I set up the blog as a place for people to see my style in case they google me.

Now, I'm having a TON of fun with it and finding it's a massive community with all sorts of interesting things to say.

See you next week via GBE2!

Nice blog Claudia. I like your writing style, and the way you thought about the subject.

I've always enjoyed writing and began blogging on myspace in 2004. I like to use my Facebook blog as part diary - writing live gig reviews, posting pics that I've taken, and I'm involved in a reading circle so have done a few book reviews. Then there's my original writing plus quite a lot of political comment and posting news stories that get suppressed by the usual media.

@Alana - happy your dropped by!
@eeyorn - quite busy! One blog is enough for me :)

I'm glad you found the GBE 2. I enjoyed this post and look forward to more! Welcome from another coffee lover!

@gawysmiff - another coffee lover, great! The club is taking shape :)

I've been writing since my hand could grip a pencil, but blogging is something I started almost 3 years ago on myspace. The friend who encouraged me to begin blogging online kind of told me about the world of myspace blogging. She got me started, but I figured out a great deal more than what she knew (I think it was more something she tried than something she was into) and my expectations have evolved a number of times as multiple changes took place in my life, my writing style, and of course myspace had a meltdown. lol! It's been a ride. ;-)

Hello...I didn't have any expectations when I 1st started blogging...it was more of like little online place for me to record some of my thoughts..
Now it is still a place where I pen my thoughts but I also made some blog friends & I try to visit their blogs as often as I can...

@Eccentricity - glad you stopped by! The blogging experience is for sure amazing!
@Graywolfie - yes, blog friends, it is very comforting and humble at the same time!

Passing the versatile blogger award from Pam to me to you :) Pop over to my blog to pick it up and pass it forward! http://mojowritin.blogspot.com/2011/05/passed-forward-from-pamela.html

@Mojo - thank you, I'm honoured!

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