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Another Wednesday and this week I am not on the road :) Isn't that good news indeed? For sure I can add it to the high. Nevertheless the next weeks will contain at least one trip per week and this will be challenging. And now a question: shall I buy a kindle? My husband told me that this could be a great solution for me, since I am so often travelling and ut will be easier to read and not to carry so much paper. So what do you think?

On the negative side, I have to admit that the cold is not yet gone, it really is rather annoying to cough, sneeze and have headaches for more than a week now. I hope this will improve soon.

Just wanted to share with you one amazing picture, the tree in my garden announcing that spring is here, this is what awaits for me each morning when leaving for work

Enjoy Wednesday, for me is a good day!



Hi Claudia ~ Your tree is beautiful! what kind is it? The Kindle's have come way down in price. Sounds like it would be a good investment for you! ((HUGS))

No clue on the tree :) That shows you how much I know about it! I admire its beauty :)))) OK, one vote for the Kindle! Thanks!

I give you credit for having to travel so much. I love to travel but not under the gun for a job. I am a book lover and not a fan of the kindle. I just can't help it. Love turning a page and waiting to see what happens next.

@Karen - I hope so too! I am pretty tired of it! As for the Kindle let's see if hubby decides for a present!
@Barb - me too, we have more than 5.000 books so you can imagine how important they are for us! But still nice idea!

I have a Sony Reader and love it. It is so light and you can change the font size. I also love buying books online. They are half the price and you can find practically any book. You can also get online loans from libraries.
Your tree is beautiful.

@Bell - library loans is also a good hint! Thank you!

I love the tree! We bought my Dad a kindle for Christmas and I wasn't convinced before, but after seeing it, I would definitely recommend it! Can never replace proper books though!! Get Well Soon :)

Very pretty tree. Do hope you will feel really better very soon. It's a real pain. My husband had a Kindle for Christmas and he loves it, especially that you can change the font size. Books are downloaded in seconds. It really is amazing. I'm afraid that I still love to read REAL Books, but if you do a lot of travelling, I think it would be good for you, even if you only use it when you're travelling.

@Gawgus & This so 2 more votes :) Thanks!

That is a beatiful tree, Claudia (the flowers resemble rhododenrons or azaleas...do you know what it is, perhaps?)

Sorry to hear that cold is still hanging around bugging you...give it away!

Those who own Kindles rave about them :)

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