Random thoughts III

Posted by Claudia Moser on 6:31 PM
Sunday, one day after I cleaned the windows, they looked impeccable. What comes today? Heavy storm with some major rain. Result? Stains on my lovely windows. Lesson? Murphy lives on!

Sunday, one day before I will fly again. Not Estonia this time, but Poland, an audit. Tired thought after one heavy cleaning day and a very tight social day. We had two meetings with friends which were amazing, but still I was dreaming of being a couch potato for a couple of hours. But I can't sadly! Need to iron :(

Sunday, one week before the start of my quality time with husband, mom and grandmother. Cannot wait! They will be here for 2 weeks, yeah!

Sunday, one week before my next flight. Bitter sweet day. Family here but I need to take off again, Estonia.

Sunday ...

Found a cartoon which has some significance right?

Picture from here

Random thoughts indeed!



Claudia, I love that cartoon. It is very true, there are heros in the world we never hear of. These are the people who make the world beautiful.
Sorry you have to leave again, but how exciting your relatives are visiting when you get home! May your week fly by fast.

Such is life, Claudia...the sweetness served with the bitterness ;) You have lots to look forward and lots to 'make it through' or 'get through'...travel safely and hopefully the time will fly!

That cartoon reminds me of the saying here "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". The message is clear. Have some fun in life!

@Belle - heroes and true humans indeed!! I'm sure my time will fly, so busy :-)
@Desiree - yes, you need to look for balance!
@Barb - so true, will do :)

I love that cartoon, and it is so true. So sorry about your lovely clean windows! :( So pleased that you have some quality time to look forward to with hubby, mum and grandma! Take care on your travels.

Hope your family time is special. I love the cartoon; it resonates. There are so many unsung heroes.

@Diane - I will take care, travel is part of mmy day to day life somehow!
@Linda - family time is always special! Right?

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